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The Subiaco Hotel has sat proud on the corner of Hay Street and Rokeby road for over 115 years. The grand old lady, affectionately known to many as “The Subi”, has recently undergone a dramatic makeover. My bet is that it cost much more than the 4500 pounds it originally cost to build the Subiaco Hotel in the 1800s.

Dining RoomAt the Subiaco Hotel you can enjoy a glass of Dom Perignon with your bangers and mash. Depending on what tickles your fancy, you can enjoy high end pub grub or something a little swankier.

Chef, Little Chef and I arrive for an early dinner. We are warmly greeted and seated at a table with a crisp linen tablecloth in the classy brasserie, next to the now enclosed courtyard. We don’t want to compromise on venue or quality of food too much for the sake of choosing somewhere “child friendly”. To our delight not only does the Subiaco Hotel have a children’s menu and colouring-in to keep Little Chef amused – the staff are also very friendly, engaging him in conversation and making us all feel welcome.

IMG_9329The Subiaco Hotel has an extensive wine list – though there isn’t a lot available by the glass. I love the French 2013 Château La Gordonne Grenache, at $9.50 a glass. The rosé isn’t overwhelmingly sweet and has a smooth strawberry aftertaste.

IMG_9338For entrée I enjoy the BBQ’d quail, $18. Whilst the quail is petite – the entrée as a whole is a generous serve. The succulent quail sits upon a pumpkin puree, sautéed oyster mushrooms and is finished with an acidic Chinese black vinegar sauce and deep fried crispy pork crackling.

IMG_9336As Chef eats the “blow torched” hiramusa fillet, $18, it’s apparent that it’s over cooked. This is disappointing, as it’s best served just cooked and it is an excellent fish for sashimi. The warm wasabi noodle salad contains a very spicy kick. The noodles are tossed in chilli, as well as having three very liberal serves of wasabi – a softer wasabi aoli would have been more fitting on this dish.

WhitingThe tender school whiting fillets, $36, are very tasty. They are served with a salsa of sweet corn, tomato and coriander – which bursts with freshness. The charred asparagus is cooked perfectly and delicious slice of pressed potato finishes the dish well.

IMG_9344The BBQ’d New York strip, $38, is nicely cooked medium rare. The steak is covered in lettuce leaves and lashings of spicy Asian sauce which overpowers the dish. It is accompanied by a kim chi apple salad and noodles.

IMG_9355Desserts arrive and my sticky date pudding, $14.50, is as moist as I’d hoped. Double cream, as well as vanilla bean ice cream, is heaped on top. It is a warming, satisfying end to my meal, though there is too much of the sweet sticky date sauce for my liking.

chocolate savarinChef devours the chocolate savarin, $15. The savarin shape is made with a slightly bitter valrhona chocolate mousse – complimented with salted caramel, honeycomb and chocolate bubbles on the side.

IMG_9327Whilst the food suffers from a few technical errors, it is explained by the kitchen being in a transitional mode at the moment. The long standing Head Chef Brad Burton recently departed and a new Head Chef is due to start soon. Just like the renovated building and surrounds, the Subiaco Hotel’s food is classy pub fayre. The prices are reasonable – you can indeed live a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget at The Subi.IMG_9324

**First Published in the Post newspaper**

At a glance

■ The Subiaco Hotel

465 Hay Street


Phone 9381 3069

■ Opening times

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: 7am – 12pm

Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 7am – 1am

Sunday: 7am – 12pm

■ Rating

food 3

service 4

ambience 4

value for money 4

■ style – Modern Australian

■ wine – extensive list, mostly

available by the bottle.

■ Chef – to be announced

■ Owner – Judy & Michael Monaghan

■ feel – sophisticated, yet relaxed.

■ wheelchair access – yes

■ cost

Entree – $14 – $18

Mains – $20 – $38.5

Dessert – $14- $15

■ all in all – Friendly service, excellent

drinks list & pleasant surrounds.

Food needs some tweaking.

Tuck Shop – Northbridge


Tuck Shop Cafe on Urbanspoon

With a Urbanspoon rating of 91% Tuck Shop was top of my brunch list. Chef and I had very high, perhaps even impossibly high expectations of the Northbridge café because of this – I hoped that we’d be part of the majority that had very positive dining experiences there. It was busy, but we were able to squeeze in for a late brunch. At Tuckshop they run an all day brunch/lunch menu. IMG_9245

The drinks were spot on and just what both of us were after. Chef enjoying a hot caffeine hit with his double shot flat white and me with my healthy juice, my feel good drink in anticipation of some possible unhealthy food choices! IMG_9237


The service at Tuck shop is on the ball and friendly. I was a bit torn with my choice, so the helpful waitress suggested the black pudding dish, as it is very popular. I decided to go with that choice and hoped for the best!


Chef absolutely loved the chorizo with paprika potatoes, peppers, Spanish onion and pork belly. The tasty belly had been deep fried and was ever so crisp. That was all topped with a sunny side up fried egg, $19.50. It was a dish busting with flavour and a mild spice, that worked well for breakfast or lunch.


People are going to think I like black pudding! Admittedly I’m not a huge fan, but I have tried it a few times lately and it is growing on me. My dish was made up of toasted sourdough with grilled black pudding, tomato, parsley, ricotta & a poached egg, $18.50. I enjoyed it, all the components were tasty and the egg was as runny as I’d hoped. The only thing that wasn’t spot on was the sourdough – a little too crispy for my liking and it was tough to cut with my knife.

All in all Tuck Shop certainly delivered. As well as great brunches n lunches they’re also renowned for their homemade pies. We were both too full to try one, though they looked fab – it certainly gives us another reason to return.IMG_9260


Latasha’s Kitchen {Perthfect Product Giveaway}

Latashas Kitchen I met Latasha at the Angove Street Festival last year, at the Latasha’s Kitchen stall, full of tasty Indian/Asian inspired goodies. Her products include chutneys, marinades, curry paste, dressings and more. I always love to meet producers – they have such a wonderful passion for the food they make. I was thrilled to try Latasha’s products and hoping that some of her excitement would rub off on me – I do enjoy cooking, but being so time poor, I often find it more of a chore. If someone does the thinking for me though – I’m happy to follow a simple recipe! IMG_9359Latasha was born and bred in Malaysia. Her parents’ families originally hailed from Southern India. As a result, her cooking reflects the distinctive food from South Asia and Southeast Asia. “Resisting the temptation to tailor her original family recipes to suit ‘western’ palates, Latasha began converting a growing number of customers to appreciate the flavour of meat slow cooked on the bone using masala ground from scratch, with fresh ingredients and strictly no preservatives, commercial stocks or MSG.” I’m a self-confessed food label-reader and when I find a product which has no nasties in it – I’m stoked! Here’s what I made… Latasha’s Chicken Kuruma Masala Using the Latasha’s Kitchen Kuruma Masala Paste, I made a simple and quick chicken curry. Though it was fairly mild, it still packed plenty of punch and delicious flavour. IMG_9363From start to finish it takes less than an hour to make. There’s very little prep involved. Just chopping the chilli, chicken and cherry tomatoes. Then it all gets popped in the pan for about 45 minutes with the Kuruma Masala Paste. This paste is made of all sorts of spices – it’s a nutty tasting paste with strong flavours of tomatoes, coconut and ginger also coming through. IMG_9297When ready, I serve the curry on a bed of basmati rice and garnish the dish with coriander, lemon, mint and vine ripened cherry tomatoes. It is a fantastic dish, full of fresh flavours, I love the addition of plump sultanas too. The KurumaMasala got Chef’s seal approval too and he asked when I’d be making it again – he loves a night off being in the kitchen!IMG_9317 {GIVEAWAY!!} Thanks to Latasha I have THREE Latasha’s Kitchen hampers to giveaway to some lucky foodies! Each pack is worth $50 and contains;

  • The delicious Kuruma Masala Paste I used to make the chicken curry.
  • Chilli Oil – great for marinating or drizzling over pasta or salads
  • Green Coriander Sauce – a versatile sauce great for marinating or mixing through pasta or salads.

To enter, simply answer this question in the comments below… What type of Latsha’s Kitchen curry paste do I cook this chicken curry with? For a bonus entry – sign up for my email notifications (in right hand column). COMPETITION RULES *The competition closes at 7pm Friday 22nd May 2015. Prize – 3 x Hampers containing 1 jar of Kuruma Masala Paste, 1 bottle of Chilli Oil and 1 jar of Green Coriander Sauce and Latasha’s Kitchen recipe cards (value of hamper $50 each). *You MUST live within the Perth metropolitan area. *The winner will be selected at random from all comments made on my Latasha’s Kitchen blog post and Facebook as well as new email subscribers from 19/5/15 to 22/5/15 . * Each person may enter once on Facebook (or on my blog) and once as an email subscriber for a bonus entry. *The winner will be contacted (via FB private message or reply to blog comment) and the prize distributed, if no contact is made by the winner within 24 hours there will be a re-draw. *This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. By entering this competition you are agreeing to the rules and acknowledging that Facebook is not connected in any way to this contest. IMG_9356 Now, I don’t want to get all “sell-y”. That’s not a word, but you know what I mean. I’ll only promote products now and then on my blog and I will only do this if: A) I totally love the product and B) they are a local company Latasha’s Kitchen absolutely covers this criteria and you can find more info on Latasha’s website . You may even bump into Latasha at various farmers markets, festivals or Perth’s Upmarket like I did; GROWERS GREEN FARMERS MARKET –SOUTH FREMANTLE SUBI FARMERS MARKET PERTH UPMARKET KYILLA FARMERS MARKET – NORTH PERTH 

Piccolo’s Corner – Leederville


Piccolo's Corner on Urbanspoon

It was my first trip to the cute Piccolo’s Corner and I was excited as it is regarded as a top spot for brunch in Perth’s inner suburbs. It’s found on the corner of a leafy neighbourhood street. IMG_9045

The busy café had no space for us in the shabby chic inside when we arrived on a Friday morning, so we hung about for 15 minutes, till a table came free.IMG_9042

We had a couple of prams in tow, so we sat in the lush outside courtyard which had a little more space. It’s lovely! IMG_9025

Often I’ll have a healthy juice, though when ginger is included it can be a bit hit and miss (too much and the ginger burns my throat!). This carrot, apple, beetroot, ginger juice was spot on! IMG_9027

My delicious dish was the mushroom bruschetta, $19. The mushrooms were sautéed in garlic, parsley, and butter and were ever so tasty. They were joined by a perfectly runny poached egg, asparagus, creamy Danish fetta and an onion jam. The toasted ciabatta was absolutely heavenly – thickly cut and  super fresh. I also got a side of avocado for an extra $3.IMG_9032

Little Chef, having already eaten at home, was more than happy with a freshly baked muffin. IMG_9023

We did enjoy Piccolo’s, though one of my friends had to prompt the waitress three times to get her food (which was something already pre-made in the cabinet). Usually Kez wouldn’t mind so much, but she was only days away from having her second baby – the poor thing had to sit and watch us all eat whist she was ravenous! The waitress did apologise and bring an extra muffin, but Kez would have preferred to simply have her food in a timely manner.

Another note to make is the lack of parking. I’m unfamiliar with the area and drove around for about 10 minutes trying to find a spot that wasn’t “no parking” or required a permit. Eventually I spotted a place in between two cars and snapped it up – only to realise when I got back to my car that it was in fact a “permit only” spot. Whoops – I missed the sign and got my first ever parking ticket!

SO it was a very expensive lunch, but never the less I enjoyed my first visit to Piccolo’s corner – the simple food was spot on!IMG_9019


JJ Kings – Floreat


JJ Kings on Urbanspoon

Happy Mothers Day to all the lovely Mummies out there! It was my choice for bunch this morning and the three of us checked out a newbie that has recently popped up in Floreat. JJ Kings, just off Cambridge Street, is a café by day and a wine bar by night. We sat by the window at a retro table and chairs which reminded me of my Auntie’s – they must have been from the 1950s.IMG_9285Chef and I both had coffee, which was good, though silly me didn’t catch what blend they use.

IMG_9288I chose the bircher, great value at $12.90. Bircher muesli is a big favourite of mine and this bircher was spot on. It was layered with thinly sliced apple and looked absolutely scrumptious. As a delved deeper, I found all sorts of goodies had been included in the JJ King’s version. There are pistachios, pepitas, quinoa, plump sultanas and more – then topped with a mixed berry compote and natural yogurt. It was absolutely delicious and a cracking little brunch dish.

New ImageThere were other tasty looking dishes on the special mothers day menu – Marinated Freo sardines looked good, as did the pork belly breakfast.

IMG_9286Chef chose, the “Big Pappa” ($22.90). That was a large plate full of bacon, eggs, chipolata sausages, beans, mushrooms, tomato and toast. He thought that all the components were well cooked and ticked all the boxes.

IMG_9287Little Chef enjoyed a freshly made giant sausage roll, which got the better of him – it was huge! I had a nibble and it was very tasty, with lots of herbs through the meat.

JJ Kings is a nice spot for an all-day brekkie. It’s also open for dinner and even just for drinks.IMG_9293

{COMPETITION} Taste of Perth on 15-17th of May

IMG_1309Every Tom, Dick and Harriett has been raving about how Perth has arrived, not just as a foodie city, but as a city in general. Adding to this, Perth was included in the international “Taste of” festival calendar last year. It returns on May the 15th – running to the 17th.

This years resturants include:

  • Asado
  • Bib & Tucker
  • Bistro Guillame
  • El Publico
  • Lalla Rook
  • Mary’s
  • Modo Mio
  • Next Door at No 4
  • Nobu
  • Print Hall
  • Propeller
  • Silks

Taste of Perth is exactly that. It gives you a taster of what some of the city’s best restaurants have to offer. Each of the pop up restaurants has a menu of 4 dishes, which includes an “Icon dish”. There’s lots of wine, beer, spirits and cider tastings as well as many boutique produce companies showcasing their goods. If you’re after something a little more interactive there’s also cocktail making classes, cooking classes and cooking demos – last year I really enjoyed watching River Cottage Australia’s Paul West.

IMG_1314Unlike other “food and wine” festivals that have gone before it, Taste really has a focus on food. Food is the star of the show and also the people involved with creating it. Perth’s high profile chefs; Joel Valvasori of Lalla Rookh, Sam Ward of El Publico, Scott Bridger of Bib & Tucker (and many more) are all rattling the pans at the festival and can be seen behind the scenes cooking up culinary treats. If you’re a regular at any of these restaurants you’ll also recognise many of the front of house staff taking orders. It really feels like the restaurants have moved location for a few days and adds to an authentic experience.

Cash is not used here – the festival’s currency is Crowns. These are purchased and put onto a card. It’s a very quick and easy process. $1 = crown.IMG_1327

We had a few dishes from our favourite restaurants and it was also a great opportunity to try some restaurants that we really want to go to in the future like Co Op, Lalla Rookh and No 4 Blake Street.

El Publico – There is also a pop up tequila bar here. We had a tasty Lamb Taco (pulled lamb, pumpkin seed sauce, pickles) 8 CROWNS

Lalla Rookh –  Nonna’s Meatballs were bloody fantastic and ever so tasty (braised pork meatballs, soft polenta, parmigiano) 8 CROWNSIMG_1332

Bib & Tucker – Eamon Sullivan was taking orders and we could see (and smell!) the pig on the Rotisserie. So we just had to have the Suckling Pig Slider (brioche bun, pickled fennel salad)IMG_1348

No4 Blake Street – I’ve heard about the amazing signature dessert  at No4 and was so pleased to see it was an ICON DISH Chocolate Garden (edible soil, macadamia rocks, salted caramel, peanut dacquoise). It was the dish of the day for both chef and I 16 CROWNSIMG_1367

There was lots we didn’t get chance to eat too. The giant macaroons at Bistro Guillaume looked fantastic and I would have liked to have checked out the international iconic dish Black Miso Cod at NobuIMG_1352

Crowns are not refundable, so make sure you use them all before you leave!


For more info and prices check out


To win one of two double passes to Taste of Perth simply comment below – What is your favourite restaurant featured at Taste of Perth this year? For a bonus entry, subscribe to my email blog alerts (in the right hand column).

*The competition closes at 7pm Thursday 7th May 2015.
Prize – 2 x Double Passes to the Taste festival (value $72 each)
*You must live within the Perth metropolitan area.
*The winner will be selected at random from all comments made on my blog and Facebook as well as new email subscribers.
* Each person may enter once on Facebook or my blog and once as an email subscriber for a bonus entry.
*The winner will be contacted (via FB private message or Email) and the prize distributed, if no contact is made by the winner within 24 hours there will be a re-draw.
*This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. By entering this competition you are agreeing to the rules and acknowledging that Facebook is not connected in any way to this contest.

{Quick Bite} The Quarie Bar + Brasserie – Hammond Park


The Quarie Bar + Brasserie on Urbanspoon

There’s good pub grub, like the traditional chicken parmy and then there are pubs that offer really good bistro style food – like The Quarie Bar & Brasserie – in the sprawling southern suburbs of Perth. The pub, just a few years old is relaxed and offers a little style in the suburbs. Kim, Kez and I sat in the pleasant beer garden for lunch, slurping a fruity mocktail or two – since I was driving.IMG_8937

I had the fish of the day. I have to have my pan friend salmon medium rare and this was perfectly cooked. The whole dish was very tasty and very well cooked. I really enjoyed the beetroot puree.IMG_8945

Kim enjoyed the Chicken roulade ($31.50) the moist chicken breast was stuffed with spinach, ricotta and pine nuts and sat atop a crisp potato rosti. Finished with crisp pancetta, sautéed spinach and a smear of capsicum coulis.IMG_8947

Kez couldn’t quite decide, so she chose two things… first a buttery brioche slider ($11.90) filled with slow cooked beef brisket and salad, with a side of chips.


Kez also tucked into the generous “Quarie Salad” ($22.50). Fresh spinach leaves were tossed with roasted pumpkin, avocado, sun dried tomato, red onion, almonds, sultanas and quinoa.IMG_8940

All in all it’s a great spot for a meal close to home and if I lived in his area I’d be stoked to have a quality local like The Quarie. Do you live in that area? Where do you like to eat out?