Alfred’s Kitchen – Guildford

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There are not many of these hole-in-the-wall, 50’s style burger joints, left in Perth. Our Alfred’s cherry was popped last week – I can’t believe we’d had never been. As a child I often went to “Bernies Burger Bar”, in the city, on Mounts Bay Road. That’s long gone, like Hamburger Hill, EATS and so many more. It’s very sad that most of the burger bars were replaced by soulless apartment blocks or McDonalds. No wonder Alfred’s is such an institution.


The giant pots of their famous Pea and Ham soup were bubbling away on the old stoves. There were hordes of people. it’s very popular. We had to wait about 30mins for our order, not sure if that is the norm? People crammed around the open wood fire, munching on their delicious burgers. We had…

Hamburger w Bacon and cheese ($9.90). It was super fresh and the patty was slightly crispy. Whilst we wouldn’t go so far as to say they are Perth’s best burgers, they are very tasty. I can imagine they are exactly the same as what my grandad had, on his way home from work in the 1950s, cooked the old fashioned way.




There are SO MANY different burger choices. There’s veggie & lentil burgers too for you non-meat lovers. The tummy-warming Pea and Ham soup is really good too.

Alfred’s has been a Perth icon for almost 70 years – let’s hope it’s around for another 70!!


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