Bobs Rooftop Bar & Print Hall @Brookfield Place

Print Hall Bar and Dining Room on Urbanspoon


If you haven’t visited Brookfield Place yet… WHY ON EARTH NOT?! In this entertainment precinct at the base of the Brookfield Place Tower (Perth’s newest skyscraper) is an amazing array of dining and drinking venues. The Trustee, Bar Lafayette, Heritage Bistro, Bobeche Bar, Choo Choos (a soon to be opened bar), the newly opened Sushia and of course all the Print Hall venues are literary within spitting distance of each other. Not that there’s any spitting going on. Since it’s “on the Terrace” these bars and restaurants are full of corporate office types –very refined.



We started off at Bob’s Bar; a favourite of ours. We love this rooftop bar, a top the Print Hall Venue. We feel like tiny ants amongst the city’s skyscrapers and giant Neon signs.



Before we had dinner, we popped downstairs into Print Hall for a drink. It has a noisy (but jolly) atmosphere. It caters for those with expensive tastes; with bottles of champagne on ice and a freshly shucked oyster bar, if you please. Jerry Fraser’s oysters are renowned around Perth.



We then climbed the newspaper lined staircase to The Apple Daily…. It did take us a while. We kept stopping to marvel at the 1980’s West Australian Newspaper pages that adorned the walls. “How much was it to rent a house in Dalkeith in 1983?!”, “My Mum used to drive a Mitsubishi Sigma” “Good housewife tips” etc etc It was very nostalgic!!

Then onto dinner at the Apple Daily… But that’s another post!


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