Apple Daily Bar and Eating House

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In keeping with the theming; Print Hall’s Asian restaurant is named after Hong Kong’s “Apple Daily” newspaper. We climbed the newspaper lined stairwell to the Apple Daily Bar and Eating House, stopping intermittently to read the 1980’s editions of “The West Australian” that adorn the walls.


There are a few different spaces in the restaurant to sit. You enter into a narrow dining room, which is dimly lit, with booths along one wall – we recommend a booth if you’re in a small group. The next area you can sit on stools near to the bar (this is where we sat). You have the full atmosphere of the Print Hall Bar below – which can get a tad noisy. Then through to the next area are more tables and a large communal table too, below the red neon sign.



The food, which is based on south east Asian street food, is designed to share. As street food is in Asia, a lot of it is very hands-on and make-it-yourself.

Pilipino Sausages, Sticky Rice, Achar, Lettuce Cups     $16



This was great. We put the various components into the lettuce cup – San Choi Bow style. We loved the little sausages, which were full of so much flavour. A little of the Achar (Indonesian pickle) was added, along with the sweet little squares of coconut sticky rice; then a drop of the spicy sauce and roasted peanuts. Yummy!!

Saltwater Duck, Spring Onion, Flower Bun, Hoisin       $34



Another make it yourself dish. The lovely fresh buns were unravelled and spread with the hoisin sauce. The duck was cooked perfectly. Eaten together, all the juicy, meaty, plumy flavours complimented each other perfectly.

Mae Roong Fried Red Pork Curry, Pineapple              $30

Steamed Rice $2



We were a bit woossy and found the curry a bit too spicy for us. It was delicious though; I just didn’t put too much sauce on my rice!! Chef loved it too. The crispy pork belly was out-of-this-world. WOW. Even though it was submerged in the coconut-y liquid, it was still super crispy. The juicy chunks of fresh pineapple gave welcome refreshment and a lovely sweet and sour taste. It is up there with our favourite pork belly dishes.

We LOVED all the food. We have a Philipino friend “Bundy” who we would love to take there. I imagine it’s really authentic, but we’d love his opinion on the food. I know he wouldn’t woos-out on the Red Curry!


Apple Daily was REALLY great. The service is fabulous. The drinks orders arrived incredibly promptly, for a busy night. The staff were very friendly. We chatted to our main server, who was also the Restaurant Manager. She was lovely and her dish recommendations were absolutely spot on!


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