Voyage Kitchen

Voyage Kitchen on Urbanspoon


We popped here for a spot of afternoon tea. I’d driven past a million times, but I wasn’t enticed by their fairly unassuming exterior. 




I was very pleasantly surprised how nice the interior is. Lovely, fresh décor. We were seated in a little alcove, right under a pic of “a little chef”.


We had wanted coffee and cake, but I changed my mind to have a healthy beetroot, lemon, ginger Juice – I’d been feeling under the weather. The juice was fab and whether it was purely a placebo effect – I felt much healthier!!



The chocolate cake was scrumptious and the three of us quickly devoured it. As well as their freshly squeezed juices, I was also pleased to see that they served good quality bottled juices for the kids.



I’ve heard that this is a fantastic spot for brunch, so will have to put it on our list to come back very soon!


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