The Cronut is about as elusive as a yeti or the loch ness monster. The croissant/doughnut hybrid was created in New York. There are just a handful of bakeries in WA that have attempted to replicate what some say is the “next big thing”. I headed down to Prague Bakery at Kingsley Village Shopping Centre, to check them out. They had a few varieties of Pronut (The word “Cronut” has been copyrighted by it’s creator).


We tried the Chocolate Pronut (filled with ganash) and the Jam pronut. They were very sweet and indulgent. Admittedly, I wasn’t wow-ed by them. Don’t get me wrong, they were nice, but I think they’ve perhaps been a little hyped-up? They were much crispier than I had imagined – coupled with the thought of how much fat I was consuming – I’m not sure I enjoyed them that much. The Prague Bakery is a lovely little bakery though and I tried a few other things from their baked goods selection. Much of their product is traditional to the Czech Republic and I’d never heard of a lot of it before.  We tried a traditional sweet bun, with ricotta and almonds. They were very fresh and delicious.


I’m not sure if the Cronut will catch on, but I’m glad I tried it and we found some eastern European delights too.


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