Mrs S

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I knew I was going to LOVE Mrs S before I even stepped through the door. I’d heard a few things about it and it sounded right up my alley. Cutesy décor, quirky details, freshly baked treats on display and a delicious menu… I love it when I’m right!!



Mrs S, on the corner of Whatley Cres and Eighth Ave, Maylands had been on my radar for ages. Its frequently referred to as one of the best brunch spots in Perth. FINALLY, Chef and I got a chance to visit for lunch.



The coffee was fab. As we sipped our drinks we were handed two “little golden books”… a little random since Little Chef was not with us on this occasion! We soon came to realise that they were in fact the menu covers. I loved this idea.


We had…


Open Steak Sandwich ($23.50) this was accompanied by salsa verde, gruyere cheese, roasted capsicum and some onion rings with jalapeno aioli on the side. Chef loved this. The steak was perfectly cooked and of good quality. He thought the salsa verde was very tasty. The onion rings were crisp and the jalapeno aioli was spot on – just the mildest hint of chili. The only note Chef made was that it would have been nice if the roasted capsicum had been served hot, fresh off the grill; but it wasn’t anything major. He really enjoyed the steak sandwich and made me promise that we’d come back again soon.



I had the Manwhich ($16)  Clearly I’m a laydeeee, but as some of you may have noticed – I have rather a large weakness for pork (belly, ribs, snags, pulled – whatever!). I just had to jump on the pulled pork bandwagon and I have to say it was tremendously tasty! The Ciabatta roll was piled with pulled pork, a sweet beetroot pickle, rocket and aioli. It sure was man-sized, but I just managed it all.


My only disappointment of the day was the fact we were SO full, we couldn’t manage any more, as the baked goods on the counter looked scrumptious. Just another reason to pop back again. The coffee was fab, the food was luscious and we just loved the whole vibe of the kitch-y little café.


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