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I’ve long had a bit of a phobia about dining alone; to the point I’d never done it. It wasn’t so much scary, as awkward – what would I do – sit there twiddling my thumbs, talking to myself?! It used to be awkward enough sitting at a bar alone, waiting for Chef to finish work. However, I was so keen to try The Kettle Café, I popped there for a late lunch on my way home from work. And I was very pleasantly surprised – both about the lovely café and eating solo.



Firstly, it struck me that the Kettle Café is the kind of place where you’re never really alone – even if you turn up by yourself. I noticed that so many of the customers were referred to by their names by the staff; this is a true local. The café is only a moment off the bustle of busy Orrong Road, opposite a leafy park, on a quiet Lathlain street. I felt like I’d stumbled upon a little local secret. It’s very bright, fresh and welcoming.


I often crave brunch, but I’m usually guilty of turning up at 11.32am. By that time I’ve missed the boat and it’s “Sorry bunch just finished”. Not at the Kettle Café! They have a 7 day brunch menu – till 2pm!! The menu was full of things I wanted to try. I had the Creamy Mushrooms on polenta with Rocket and Parmesan $14 – I also found their prices very reasonable.


OH. MY. GOODNESS. WOW. This was so tasty; I was very pleased with my choice. The mushrooms, sautéed in their creamy sauce, which was great, soaked up with the polenta. The creaminess was balanced well with the sharpness of the parmesan cheese and the peppery rocket. I was disappointed when I’d finished eating it all, I was already planning my next visit!!


The coffee at Kettle Café is great too. My Chai Latte was deliciously spicy and served pipping hot – which I find VERY rare!! Usually coffee comes so cool, I could drink it all straight away. But here I could leisurely sip it for 10 mins of so before it went cooler. I loved that.

So I was over my solo eating phobia. I found a lot of enjoyment in sitting at the long communal table, leisurely flicking through the daily West Australian paper, sipping my coffee and tucking into some great food. You’ll be glad you tried Kettle – but “shhhhh” don’t tell anyone *wink*


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