Ace Pizza

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Beaufort Street has really come alive in the last couple of years. The rapidly growing dining scene in Highgate and Mount Lawley is partly to do with the restaurateurs behind Cantina, El Publico and Mary Street Bakery; Alex Cucciova and business partner Michael Forde. Ace Pizza is also part of this crew. If you’re expecting a pizza joint like Little Caesars; this will surprise you. Sure, there’s pizza on the menu, but also much, much more.


It’s a dimly lit restaurant, but very well planned. With spotlights right above the tables, we could definitely see what we were eating! And the glowing green neon lights and wall art adds to the funky atmosphere.


You could easily go to Ace Pizza and not actually eat pizza (though it is very good!). We ate…

Fried Mac n Cheese ($7) this was creamy, Cheesy and heart-stoppingly crispy!! We actually had to fight Little Chef for them.


Ms Loren Pizza ($19) topped with spicy sausage, ricotta & lemon on a fantastic thin base. Like its namesake, this is one sexy Italian classic – Chef loved it.


Beef Short Ribs ($32) This was a humungous serving! The short ribs were super meaty and full of lip-smacking smoky flavours. The braised carrots on the side were juicy and sweet too.


By this point we were getting rather full – but we’d promised Little Chef some soft serve…. and the doughnut sounded fab.


Tiramisu Doughnut ($5) SCRUMPTIOUS! At that price we should have got two!!


Ace Soft Serve ($7) Little Chef went to town with all the toppings; honeycomb, biscotti, salted caramel topping,& chocolate topping. He loved putting it all together and we were very lucky to have tried a bit too, before he wolfed it all down!

The three of us enjoyed Ace Pizza a lot. Though it was incredibly busy, the wait staff were all very welcoming and warm. The food was very well cooked and we liked the vibe of the restaurant. Chef thanked me for suggesting it for dinner which means I chose a winner!!

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