Embers on Urbanspoon

Embers is a former haunt of ours, when we used to be hillbillies. It is tucked away amongst the gumtrees in Gooseberry Hill. Embers is a casual neighbourhood restaurant, which is particularly known for its wood-fired pizza. On this occasion I was catching up with the lovely Mrs H, for her birthday. Since I’d already been out for lunch that day, I decided to skip the delicious pizza and chose something light. I had a lovely Pan-fried Salmon Salad ($29), with citrus pieces and perfectly cooked asparagus. Very simple, very fresh.

Red wine doesn’t traditionally accompany seafood, but I just couldn’t say no to one of my favourite drops, which was on the wine list. The Millbrook Pinot Noir is delish! Embers is nothing flash, but it’s been popular with hills locals for about 10 years, which means it’s no flash-in-the-pan. It’s popular with families and small groups. My girlfriends and I stayed a while and chatted over our drinks. It is a warm and inviting place, especially on such a cold winter’s night. 

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