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Little Chef and I were having a lunch date. We were heading to Perth Arena to see Disney on Ice. Before the show, we wanted a proper sit down lunch, instead of chowing down on hot chips and usual fast food available at the arena. So we popped into Tony Romas, on Hay Street, only two blocks from Perth Arena. It’s a family friendly, international chain restaurant that specialises in ribs. I’m a bit obsessed with ribs, so I’d been craving TR’s ribs for a while. It had been about 6 years since our last visit there – not long after it had first opened.

We were easily seated without a booking and the smiling waitress was very well versed in what was required. There was no wondering where the bottle of tap water was or if there was a kids menu. It was all placed on our table without missing a beat – we even got a serve of complimentary sliced baguette and garlic butter. The butter melted on the warmed bread, it was a nice touch.

I knew exactly what I wanted (ribs!) and I suspect Little Chef did too. Most times we go out for a meal he chooses fish and chips. This day was no exception. Ordering was a breeze; I just had to choose two sides with to go with my ribs. There’s’ a good choice; Corn on the cob, Wild rice, chips, broccoli, coleslaw, baked potato – I chose roasted sweet potato and loaded mash.

My baby back ribs were marinated and cooked in Tony Roma’s Original BBQ sauce (there are other sauces to choose from too). I went for the half rack ($32.95), but given my love of ribs I probably could have tackled the full rack. To be fair, the half rack was pretty generous and I got stuck into them as soon as the plate landed on the table! I barley had to touch the meat with a knife, to separate each rib. The meat was incredibly succulent. I was happy with my choice of sides too. They were tasty and well cooked. Sides, I find, can be quite an afterthought at a lot at steakhouses. The creamy “loaded” mash was topped with bacon and cheese.


Ribs!! **drool**

Little chef had the Fish and Chips ($15). He was dying to get stuck into the too, but had to pause for me to take the pic – hence the “hurry-up” face! As stated on the menu, all kid’s meals are served with a glass of fruit juice, citrus apple salad and 2 scoops of ice cream for dessert. I only realised this after we left, but he never actually got the citrus apple salad, which was a shame, as it was the only healthy part of the meal. Little Chef love apples too.

All in all, besides the non-appearance of the kids meal salad, it was an nice and easy lunch. The service was good and the ribs just as smoky, tender and finger licking delicious as I remember them. No room for table manners at TR’s!! We then skipped off down Pier Street (really!) to see Mickey Mouse and friends, which was fantastic.

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