Toastface Grillah, Perth CBD


Tucked away down Grand Lane you’ll find the grungy cool of Toastface Grillah. A top spot for a pimped up toastie and hip hop beats, it was also one of my very first blogs, over four years ago. The name “Toastface Grillah” grabbed me – it’s a twist on the name of US rapper Ghostface Killah (Wu Tang Clan), who has incidentally visited and played an impromptu gig here in the lane! This little eatery is a little bit “gangsta” too.

Toastface Grillah is a fantastic place for breakfast, brunch and lunch. We’ve been toasted sandwich fans since our childhood. This is much more than your Mum’s simple cheese and tomato toastie. The café itself is thrift shop chic. It’s very casual, with a few benches dotted around the small courtyard and cool beats coming out of the retro speakers.


These toasties are all superb in there gooey, oozey cheesy-ness. Little Chef loved the simple “Get Ya Veg”, vegemite and cheese toastie, $5.


Chef gobbled down the ham, cheese and mustard toastie, $7. The boys relished their toasties. Continue reading

Alfred’s Kitchen – Guildford


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One of Perth’s most loved burger joints has recently become a whole lot more family friendly. Alfred’s Kitchen has been a Guildford institution for over 70 years. Previously, the takeaway didn’t provide much seating, apart from a few benches around the much loved fire pit. Perthies were happy to stand around munching on their burgers, though it could be a bit of a juggling act.

Now there is another alternative – Alfred’s have added a restored train carriage and courtyard which have loads of seating to eat your burgers and chips in comfort, making it much easier for little burger lovers too.

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V Burger Bar – Floreat

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Chef and I don’t always crave extravagant food – sometimes something casual appeals to us even more. After a 12 hour shift in the kitchen, plating up sous vide meats, foams, jus and this and that – Chef especially wants food that is deliciously uncomplicated.

We found ourselves at V Burger in Floreat on a night when neither of us wanted to cook at home. It’s at Floreat Forum shopping centre – opposite “The Boulevard” pub. It overlooks a leafy courtyard, you can dine alfresco or inside.IMG_7618

The service was very warm and friendly. Watching the open kitchen it looked like everything was running like clockwork. To start, we nibble on panko crumbed mushrooms ($8), which were heavenly. The crumbed button mushrooms are served with a wickedly creamy blue cheese sauce. So scrumptious!IMG_7605

I chose my burger from the newly launched brioche menu. Though the bread is far from healthy (brioche contains sugar and lots of butter) for me, it makes the perfectly flavoured burger bun. The Piggy Back ($14.50) is packed full of off the bone pork ribs, homemade bbq sauce, jalapenos, coleslaw & onion rings. It’s not as tall as Chef’s monstrous burger, but there is still plenty of burger! I’ve had may a burger in my time and I’m going to go out on a limb to say this is my favourite of all! I’m a sucker for ribs and this was spot on. The slaw wasn’t an afterthought and was really crunchy, creamy and tasty – I’d happily eat that on it’s own.IMG_7614

Chef chose the Crispy Crisp burger ($12.50) In between the Turkish buns was a prime beef patty, a tower of crispy battered onion rings, mixed gourmet lettuce, tomato, aioli & relish. Chef also chose to add bacon, cheese and chorizo for an extra charge. It went down a treat and Chef was very impressed. He reckoned it was up there with the best burgers he’d eaten.IMG_7611

Little Chef wolfed down a Mini Fish & Chips ($9.50) A perfect kids sized portion of crumbed fish fillets, served with chips & tartare sauce. Outside V Burger there is a small playground, which would suit kids that are of a toddler age.IMG_7602

Salads are also available, for those people who are a bit more health conscious. There’s also Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for those who aren’t! We just couldn’t say no to some freshly baked chocolate brownies to finish off our dinner. Yummo!IMG_7616

Chef and I have long been big fans of Grilld burgers, we also like Jus and Missy Moos. This was our first trip to V Burger and we did agree that V Burger has raised the bar very high for us – I think we’ve found a new favourite!! Check it out – you’ll thank us for it. V Burger certainly puts the “EAT” into Floreat! It is also found in East Vic Park.

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Papparich – Northbridge


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For me food is often nostalgic and holds memories from celebrations, holidays and my childhood. I have quite a sentimental attachment to satay. Years back, before I was the chef’s wife, I discovered the nutty meat-on-a-stick during an Asian holiday. It was the first holiday that Chef and I had gone on together – I’d kind of gate crashed his family holiday. We were in Singapore for Food Asia – the region’s largest food expo and hot kitchen comp. Chef’s Dad, Pappa Chef, had visited the lion city many times and knew all the best street food spots. He introduced us to the Satay Club at Clarke Quay – there we feasted on the best satays I’ve ever had – even to this day.

We were kindly invited for lunch by Papparich, the brand new Malaysian chain restaurant in Northbridge. I had heard that it was causing quite a buzz, with large queues forming down James Street most days. So I thought it would be a good idea to book an early lunch, to avoid the crowds. So I was very surprised that when we arrived at 11.30am, the restaurant was already full to bursting.IMG_7052

We were taken to a window seat and given our menus to look through. It’s an extensive menu full of Malay favourites; Roti Canai, Hainan bread with Kaya and butter, Satay, Nasi Lemak, Fried Kuey Teow, Curry Laksa, Chicken Rice, Mee Goreng, Ice Kacang and much more besides. The menu has photos of each dish, which was helpful, since I’m not familiar with most Malay cuisine. We were also given a notepad – you write up your own order here – then press the “doorbell” button on your table when you’re ready to send it to the open kitchen.IMG_7040

The food came out in record time. No sooner had our order been picked up from the table, plates and trays started arriving a mere 5 minutes later. Now maybe it was blindingly obvious, but it wasn’t to me, that the food didn’t necessarily come out on the order that it’s written on the notepad. Whoops! So instead of enjoying our satays and roti for entrée, I got what I’d envisioned was my main first. Soon our entire table was brimming with food as it all seemed to come out at once.

Mixed Satay – 6 pieces ($13.90) 3 beef sicks and 3 chicken sticks are marinated in turmeric, galangal and lemongrass. They didn’t quite live up to my very high Singaporean benchmark – I thought the meat could have been a bit tenderer. I couldn’t get enough of the more-ish satay sauce which is deliciously chunky.IMG_7048

Chef chose freshly-made Roti Canai ($12.90) which was filled with onion and egg. The bread was served just right – soft in the middle, a little crisp and crunchy on the outside. On the side was a chicken curry, mango flavoured dhal (lentil curry) and sweet chilli sauce.IMG_7047

Our drinks then arrived – Chef chose the Lychee Soda. It turned out way too sweet for him to take more than a few sips. I tried it too and agreed it was incredibly sweet! As someone with a bit of a Milo habit – I just HAD to order the iced Milo Dinosaur – which was heaped with spoonfuls of milo!IMG_7045

By this time I was starting to struggle a bit with the food – not knowing how the portion sizes were and all the food coming at once didn’t give me time for a breather! The queue outside was growing and people were standing on the other side of the widow watching us eat – which I found a bit disconcerting!!

There was a lot happening on my plate! I had the Pappa Special Biryani ($15.90) -. In the middle of the plate sits a mound of fragrant rice, prepared with cardamon, cloves and other herbs and spices. On the side were fried chicken, crispy skin hid the super moist meat underneath. Also on the brimming plate was sambal eggplant (which had a little too much fish sauce for my liking), sambal prawns and a pappadum.IMG_7043

Chef really fancied noodles, but all the Fried Mee ($13.90) dishes came with Prawns, which he’s not a fan of. At the time of ordering he noted “chicken not prawns please” on the note pad and bobs your uncle – out came a chicken fried mee. He enjoyed it and noted that it tasted just like a really good fried mee dish he’d had years ago.IMG_7051

Chef and I liked Papparich – though we both left feeling there was something that we missed – it is incredibly popular. It’s cheap and cheerful – the food is very reasonably priced. We didn’t LOVE the food, but I’d put that down to personal taste more than anything.

Papparich is also opening an outlet in Carousel (Cannington) soon. Thanks again Papparich for the invite – we enjoyed checking it out 🙂IMG_7039a

Missy Moos Gourmet Burger Bar – Mt Hawthorn & Freo

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I’d heard good things about the burger place Missy Moos in Freo and made a mental note to try it sometime. Recently, a second Missy Moos had opened at The Mezz Shopping Centre in Mount Hawthorn. Since that’s much closer to home, we tried it for dinner on one of those “can’t be bothered to cook” nights.

IMG_0836At the Mezz there’s a great courtyard surrounded by restaurants, cafes and takeaways. In the middle is a playground for the kids, so it’s very family friendly. Missy Moo’s is a top spot for kids and the young at heart. The burgers are named after nursery rhymes, there’s a children’s corner with toys and even an old-school computer arcade game to have a play on.IMG_0818

IMG_0820Chef placed our order and looked a little confused when the person at the counter handed him a toy train, our table marker. There’s no numbers on sticks here, it’s all good family fun. Board games are printed on the table tops, so we played snakes and ladders on the table whilst we waited for our dinner. It arrived in no time, held together with a knife.

IMG_0822I had “TOM, TOM THE PIPER’S SON” ($14.50) WA lean beef patty, crispy bacon, tasty cheddar, tomato, baby spinach, BBQ sauce & aioli.

Chef had “HUMPTY DUMPTY” ($15.50) WA lean beef patty, tasty cheddar,
free-range egg, grilled pineapple, beetroot, baby spinach, aioli & Margaret River tomato relish.

lWe enjoyed our burgers and the chips were nice and chunky too. The patty’s were cooked very well, with just a little pinkness to keep them juicy. They were generous with the fillings too.

Little Chef had a slider version of the “YANKEE DOODLE” WA lean beef pattie, tasty cheddar, fresh white onion, American mustard & ketchup. It was the perfect size for him. There is a children’s menu, but you can also have a mini version of any burger made. Perfect for kids and those who like to try a bit of this and that.

Missy Moo’s is a gourmet burger café in the same vein as Jus, Grill’d and V. For next time,the super crispy onion rings look delicious and they also do gourmet toasties. If you’re gluten intolerant, Missy Moos has a GF Bun for an extra $1.50 Premium local ingredients are used and they make for very tasty burgers indeed.

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