Coco Cubano – Joondalup

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The redevelopment at Lakeside Joondalup just keeps giving and giving! We were lucky enough to be one of the very first customers at Coco Cubano after I spotted it opening up on Friday afternoon.

As we walked in I was immediately struck by the very impressive fit-out. It’s a fab looking café-bar and a very welcome addition to Joondalup – it would be a great pre/post cinema spot on date night!IMG_9504

The welcoming staff let me know that it is a soft opening of sorts – as the liquor licence is still pending approval. So whilst you can’t enjoy a mojito yet – you can enjoy Coco Cubano’s food, coffee and warm hospitality.

For the opening there are $1 coffees and hot chocolates. Since it was well after my lunch-time coffee cut off – Little Chef and I both opted for the hot chocolate. It was certainty no standard powdered hot chocolate. Here they use melted Cuban coverture chocolate and creamy milk – which makes for a velvety hot chocolate. One of the best I’ve had! The service is on the ball – the waiter ordered Little Chef’s hot chockie to not be piping hot. I loved the detail of the fancy spoons too, like something your Nanna would collect on holiday! Cute.IMG_9507

It’s little touches like that that make Coco Cubano a little different from your regular franchise. The eclectic collection of nick naks on the bookshelves and fire place make it feel very homely too. Western Australia’s first Coco Cubano does breakfast daily till 11.30, have tapas and regular meals too.IMG_9519

I had a hankering for a Cuban sandwich. I really enjoyed the tempory pop up Cocina Bandito and absolutely loved it’s colourful Cuban vibe. Unfortunately there isn’t a traditional Cuban sandwich on the menu, so instead I tried The Cubano Club. In between two slices of parmesan crusted sourdough toast was slow cooked marinated pulled pork, crispy bacon, pickles and a punchy kick of mustard. That was very tasty and the pulled pork was spot on.IMG_9513 

I got a couple of sides too, I ummed and arred about ordering the Plantain Chips and I was glad I did get to try them. Plantain is a savoury banana of sorts. Here it is double fried and served with homemade guacamole and sour cream. The plantain doesn’t have a strong flavour, but it was pleasant enough and something new to try.IMG_9515

We also devoured some Sweet Potato Wedges which were tasty and seasoned with paprika salt – I just wish there were more of them!IMG_9509

The dessert menu looked tempting – with churros, waffles and more – something to try next time!

We got a very warm welcome at Coco Cubano and enjoyed checking it out – we’ll be back soon.IMG_9523






Missy Moos Gourmet Burger Bar – Mt Hawthorn & Freo

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I’d heard good things about the burger place Missy Moos in Freo and made a mental note to try it sometime. Recently, a second Missy Moos had opened at The Mezz Shopping Centre in Mount Hawthorn. Since that’s much closer to home, we tried it for dinner on one of those “can’t be bothered to cook” nights.

IMG_0836At the Mezz there’s a great courtyard surrounded by restaurants, cafes and takeaways. In the middle is a playground for the kids, so it’s very family friendly. Missy Moo’s is a top spot for kids and the young at heart. The burgers are named after nursery rhymes, there’s a children’s corner with toys and even an old-school computer arcade game to have a play on.IMG_0818

IMG_0820Chef placed our order and looked a little confused when the person at the counter handed him a toy train, our table marker. There’s no numbers on sticks here, it’s all good family fun. Board games are printed on the table tops, so we played snakes and ladders on the table whilst we waited for our dinner. It arrived in no time, held together with a knife.

IMG_0822I had “TOM, TOM THE PIPER’S SON” ($14.50) WA lean beef patty, crispy bacon, tasty cheddar, tomato, baby spinach, BBQ sauce & aioli.

Chef had “HUMPTY DUMPTY” ($15.50) WA lean beef patty, tasty cheddar,
free-range egg, grilled pineapple, beetroot, baby spinach, aioli & Margaret River tomato relish.

lWe enjoyed our burgers and the chips were nice and chunky too. The patty’s were cooked very well, with just a little pinkness to keep them juicy. They were generous with the fillings too.

Little Chef had a slider version of the “YANKEE DOODLE” WA lean beef pattie, tasty cheddar, fresh white onion, American mustard & ketchup. It was the perfect size for him. There is a children’s menu, but you can also have a mini version of any burger made. Perfect for kids and those who like to try a bit of this and that.

Missy Moo’s is a gourmet burger café in the same vein as Jus, Grill’d and V. For next time,the super crispy onion rings look delicious and they also do gourmet toasties. If you’re gluten intolerant, Missy Moos has a GF Bun for an extra $1.50 Premium local ingredients are used and they make for very tasty burgers indeed.

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Great British Chippy – Currambine

Great British Chippy – Currambine


Great British Chippy on Urbanspoon

When I speak to a true blue Aussie about British Fish and Chips; they give me a rather incredulous look. How can it be ANY different to what you’d have down at Freo’s Fishing Boat Harbour they ask?! Well, they do differ a lot, British fish and chips are made the traditional way after all!Untitledalal

The chips, for a start, are different. They are freshly peeled and cut every day – none of that frozen reconstituted potato rubbish. That way the chips are tasty and fluffy – not powdery and stiff like the frozen imposters. The service (in theory) is quicker too. With the fish warming in the display cabinet, service is often much faster. Which will be handy for the Great British Chippy – as I’ve heard they’ve had some LONG queues!!  In their first two days of the new Currambine chippy’s operation they went through a ton and a half of chips! I’m not surprised – they are lush!IMG_20131017_160715

The nostalgia hits as soon as you walk in the door. A giant stainless steel frying range sits proudly as the centrepiece of the take away. For Aussies they will wonder what all the fuss is about – for the Brits they’ll feel like were suddenly transported to back to their village chippy!! The frying range is an English original, hailing from Darlington (UK) and the only one of its kind in WA. There are only a few in the whole country. Untitledgbc

The deep fried fish is encased in a golden brown batter; it seems much crunchier than what we’d usually have in Perth too. We had cod and haddock the day we went for lunch. We took our wrapped up bundle down to a park by the sea. As soon as I opened the package and was greeted by the familiar look of pommie chips (all odd sizes and ever so slightly soggy looking) I knew they were the real deal. We ate out of the paper, using our wooden forks to dip the chips into the mushy peas and curry sauce – bliss. photo 3

Sure it was a little bit priceyer than your regular fish and chip shops, but you have to expect that with much of the produce sourced from overseas. The fish is all from the North Atlantic Ocean. It’s not something that we would have every week, so I’m happy to indulge. It had been nine years since we had been in the UK and I’ve craved a proper pommie fish supper regularly – to me it was worth every penny. Saying that Ciccarellos and Kalis are by no means cheap. As well as fish and chips they also have pies, haggis, fish cakes etc. We ate there on the opening day and it was pretty hard to fault. Personally, I always liked to eat my fish and chips “open”. Meaning, they are not wrapped, but you eat them immediately out of an open container. This way they are super fresh and don’t go soggy as they steam inside a closed wrapper. Hopefully they’ll offer this alternative in the future.

For the thousands of ex-pats that live all over Perth and in particular the Northern Coastal Suburbs near Joondalup – the Great British Chippy will be a little slice of home. As the daughter of a proud Yorkshire man, I know that they love their adopted homeland of Australia; but inevitably there will be things they miss from home. Homesickness is the worst – especially as the mother land is over 14,000kms away. From walking to the village pub to have a (warm) pint with friends, to watching the local football team play on a Saturday afternoon, to tucking into a freshly cooked pile of cod and chips. It’s often the little things that are longed for and mean the 4

The nostalgia; wooden forks, dandelion and burdock, mushy peas… Memories of eating fish n chips on the seafront in Whitby as a 10year old came flooding back. Whether it’s a trip down memory lane, or a brand new experience you’re after – trying the Great British Chippy is a must. My Aussie husband loves them too – particularly the chips! However, he didn’t let me drown the chips in malt vinegar – so I have to go back soon and get my soggy chips fix!!photo 1a