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Nolita is a stylish little eatery. Set amongst the chic boutiques of Bayview Terrace, the modern Italian restaurant has a very Claremont feel – sleek, high-end and architecturally designed.


We’re greeted at the door by a friendly waiter with the warm, musical tones of an Italian accent. The intimate dining room is long and narrow. We are seated along the wood panelled feature wall, poured water, with lemon and directed to the very informative menus which are a wealth of information.


Not only do we find our food and beverage options on the menu, but also a little on the charitable ethos of the family owned restaurant, and a list of their standard kitchen practices to put those with food intolerances and allergies minds at rest.

The wine list offers great choice of both Australian drops and Italian imports. Mondays and Tuesday you can raid your own wine cellar and bring along a bottle of vino with no corkage charge.


I choose the crisp, fruity Italian Breganaze Pinot Grigio, knowing it will be a good match for seafood and pasta. Chef’s pick is the 2014 Kaesler “Stonehorse” Shiraz, from the Barossa. There’s also a selection of Italian beers and tempting Italian cocktails – think negronis, Aperol Spritz and fruity bellinis.

Nolita, an abbreviation of “North of Little Italy”, is a neighbourhood in Manhattan, New York. Whilst its menu is steeped in traditional Italian dishes, it also has a contemporary feel.


First, we order three dishes to share. Chef and I can never resist a good carpaccio ($21.50). The thinly sliced raw beef fillet, topped with a creamy truffle aioli, melts in my mouth. Toasted pine nuts, and shaved parmesan give the traditional Venetian dish a little bite.


Next up is the polpette ($17), four plump meatballs of chicken, veal and pistachio nuts. The moist meatballs are covered in a rich tomato sugo. Whilst it’s a tasty dish, I had hoped for more punchy flavours. I’d love to see the meatballs served with a spicy arribbiata sauce.


Crisp arancini ($16) ooze with cheese. The tomato and mozzarella rice balls, served with a basil pesto, are bursting with smoky flavours.


The service at Nolita is friendly, on the ball and unobtrusive. We didn’t even realise our water had been topped up several times. I certainly don’t have to wave a waiter down like I’m trying to direct traffic.

For main, as one would imagine, there are pasta dishes aplenty. Those with intolerances don’t have to miss out on the carb-fest, as gluten free pasta is also available. Soft house-made potato gnocchi is entwined with gloriously tender morsels of White Rocks veal. This is covered by a rich tomato ragu, broad beans and sharp, shaved parmesan.


Crispy-skin salmon, served perfectly pink in the middle, is complimented by a roasted beetroot puree and dill crème fresh. A salad of fennel and zucchini has clean flavours and a crisp texture.


Chef enjoys another glass of Shiraz along with a cheese plate. The three cheese selection is made up of a soft Mauro Taleggio, the strongly flavoured Mauri Gorgonzola Piccante and mildly spicy Perenzin Formajo Ciock al Vino Rosso, served with sweet fig chutney, crackers and lightly toasted ciabatta.


For the grand finale, a coconut, cherry and white chocolate semifreddo is absolutely luscious. I savour every bite of this delicious dessert, surrounded by a pool of raspberry coulis and crowned with an impressive pile of chocolate fairy floss


Nolita is so much more than your average suburban Italian eatery, where enormous sauce laden serves of pasta are the norm. Here, the food is well cooked and full of Italian flair. It’s a tasty little spot and we suggest you get down there – pronto!

At a glance

■ Nolita
16 Bayview Terrace
Phone 9284 6090
■ Opening times
Monday to Saturday
Lunch 12pm to 3.30pm
Dinner 5.30pm till late
■ Rating
Food 4
service 4
ambience 4
value for money 3
■ style – Modern Italian
■ wine – Good selection of Australian
and Italian wines, beers and cocktails.
■ Head Chef – Robert Boorman
■ Owner – Jon Stubbs
■ feel – classy, with a lively atmosphere
■ wheelchair access – no
■ cost
Entrée/Share $4.75 to $21.50
Main $22.50 to $42
Dessert $4.50 to $22.50
■ all in all – A chic little Italian in
the heart of Claremont. Tasty, modern
Italian dishes and drinks. Buon Appetite!

Typika Artisan Roasters

Typika Artisan Roasters on Urbanspoon
Chef, Little Chef and I like dining out mid-week. We can enjoy some of the most busy and popular dining rooms in Perth, without having to deal with the weekend crowds. Saying that, with the FIFO culture in WA, there are still a lot of people eating out on a midday morning. We popped to Typika, in Claremont. I’d heard many good things about the latest venture from the people that bought us the fantastic coffee at Chimbalinos (Nedlands, Cottesloe & the CBD).

IMG_0154You can’t actually book a table, though they say waiting times are kept to a minimum. The day we visited we waited 10 minutes for a table (at 10.30am); we were happy to do that. We were seated at a green-leather covered booth. Though it is a loud venue, we were a little away from the main hussle and bustle. The service was friendly and there was no searching for staff; they were at our table promptly (and with a smile) to take our order.

20140102_112454Typika is not solely a café. They roast their own coffee on site. The finest green coffee beans are sourced from around the world and the end product is a dam fine cuppa coffee. We sat opposite the roasting room and could see the roasters at work. Chef had a coffee (his regular double shot flat white), which he enjoyed.

LC and I had juices, they were really good. I liked my “Boost” a lot (carrot, lettuce, beetroot, spirulina & wheatgrass). Spirulina is highly nutritious micro salt water plant, found mainly in Africa and South America. LC had the “Red Passion” (watermelon, strawberry and apple). I did think though, that for $6, the glasses should be a bit bigger.

We ordered;

IMG_0149The Typika Breakfast Stack ($21) Shredded Potato Crisp, wilted spinach, half an avocado and their delicious house-smoked ocean trout. This is all topped with a perfectly fried egg – sunny side up. I loved this dish and it was a bit naughty and nice; it is mainly healthy, with some crispy potato hiding underneath! Yummo.

IMG_0146Chef had Spiced Beef Benedict ($18.50) Two soft poached eggs, on a bed of slow-cooked spiced beef, on top of chibatta toast. This is all covered with a harissa hollandaise. Chef thought this was well cooked, really tasty and loved the spicy twist to this classic breakfast dish.

Oh and Little Chef had his favourite – a ham and cheese croissant 🙂

20140102_104236Typika, is not your typical suburban café. I thought the food was really outstanding. It’s open 7 days for breakfast, brunch and lunch. We loved Typika, which I thought we would. It’s my kind of food. The breakfast menu is extensive and the lunch menu looks fabulous too. I’m keen to get back there to try the ribs, as they’re apparently not to be missed!


Xarcuteria on Urbanspoon

This Spanish Deli, just off Bay View Terrace (behind Dome) is run by celebrated WA chef David Coomer (of Star Anise, Pata Negra, and Print Hall). We found it a little hard to find. We must have walked around Claremont in a circle 2 or 3 times, only to find we were parked just 20 meters away!! Oh well, it was a beautiful morning for a wander…

Xarcuteria offers a wide-range of meats, terrines, olives, pates, cheeses (Spanish and French) and a multitude of imported tinned and bottled food from Spain; Anchovies, oils and the like. Xarcuteria has a fridge-full of cured meats. There’s chorizo, jamon, salami, morcilla (blood sausage), and fuet (Catalan sausage). The staff are more than happy for you to taste before buying.

Xarcuteria are quite renowned for their paella, we’d like to give that a try. in the future. We were there for their famous “Pork Belly Roll” ($12). A freshly baked sourdough roll, pork belly, coleslaw & romesco. Bliss!! Oh, Romesco is a nut and red pepper-based sauce from Catalonia, Spain.


We then drove to the Cottesloe foreshore, finding the perfect picnic spot to enjoy our tasty lunch, whilst enjoying the warm winter sun. The rolls did not disappoint. They were super tasty with porky, nutty flavours. The crunch of the crusty bread, crisp slaw and a little crackle on the pork belly was bliss! With full tummies we had a stroll along Marine Parade in the sunshine. That was one of those simple “life is good moments”.

Beluga – Claremont CLOSED

From the moment we walked through Beluga’s door, we felt that we were in for an experience! And we certainly were!! The staff were outstanding. The two ladies that were our main servers were incredibly knowledgeable and very welcoming. Our white marble table was high; we sat on stools, so we had a fantastic view into the open kitchen. The table legs had handbag hooks too – nice touch – you certainly would not want to get your Hermes Birkin dirty!

Chef spent most of the evening gazing through the pass; I was a bit worried that this would be like a “busman’s holiday” for him. At least he was on the dining side of the pass – for a change! The restaurant also has a more intimate dining area, where the lighting is dimmer and it’s away from the bustling kitchen. It’s a great idea to have two such differing areas in the same restaurant. There’s also the alfresco dining area too, open during summer.

Our waitress gave us a little background on the restaurant and explained that they were known for the “chef’s choice”, where the Chef… you guessed it… chooses your dishes for you. It was quite exciting not knowing what we had in store for us! We’re not fussy eaters, so it was perfect really. It was about $75pp, depending on what the Chef sent out. You’ll receive three entrées to share and then main and 2 sides to share. It’s a good way of trying things that you wouldn’t normally choose off of the menu yourself.

For Entrée we shared;

-Caramelised Linley Valley Pork belly, Hummus, Aged Sherry Apple Dressing & Pomegranate $24  This dish is stunning!!! Delicious pork belly, the hummus was very cumin-y and the sweet little pomegranates just burst in your mouth. The closest to caviar we were going to get!

– Seared Rottnest Scallops, Spiced cauliflower & chorizo crumb, apple puree $28  We’re big fans of Rotto scallops, these were big juicy monsters. We really loved the little chunks of cauliflower & chorizo crumb too – they gave the dish a fantastic texture.

– Broccoli & truffleSoup, w prosciutto and parmesan crisps   Very tasty. It hit the spot on such a rainy night!

For Main we had Belugas signature dish, the Greek roasted Dorper Lamb Shoulder ($24pp). This was slow roasted in citrus flavours for hours, and then quickly crisped up in the oven.

On the side were…

 -Pear & rocket salad with walnuts, witlof and Saint Agur cheese $16. That side was fantastic, and I would have eaten it as a dish in its own right. The creamy – but sharp – French Blue cheese was sublime.

-Roasted Root Veg, Herbs & Dijon dressing $16. These veggies were delicious. They were roasted with a garlic bulb, sliced in half, little cloves of roasted garlic were scattered through the plate.

The lamb was fantastic; it just fell off the bone. It was incredibly moist and tasty. Chef thought that this dish needed a Jus. The meat was by no means dry, but the dish as a whole probably needed a sauce, a little for the meat and veg. There was a lot of lamb left over, the serve was super generous. I was done. The Lamb had beaten me, but I had given it a good shot!! I was thinking of ways I could smuggle the last few chunks into my handbag, but Chef talked me out of it hehe  Chef was still raring to go, so he was on his own with dessert.

The Beluga Chocolate Plate $16   Chef really enjoyed this. The chocolate ice-cream and chocolate brownie were fantastic. Chef especially loved the brownie – it was warm, gooey and rich. The only thing that let the dish down was that the white choc mousse – it had too much gelatine in, it wasn’t soft and fluffy like it should be.

This stylish venue, in the Claremont Quarter’s “Eat Street”, is owned by Eagles Dean Cox and Andrew Embley. Emberly, in particular, has a big passion for food. Beluga kicks goal, after goal. From the awesome staff, to the different dining options, to the food; it’s all fantastic. Chef got quite excited about it all; he said we’d soon return. It takes somewhere quite special to impress him!

Beluga Caviar is the most expensive that money can buy; with prices up to $10 000 for 1kg. At the Beluga restaurant they have a caviar menu – ahhhh that would be nice!! Maybe next time… after our lotto win *wink*. Luckily, you don’t need the powerball to enjoy the rest of the fantastic Beluga menu. We’re already looking forward to our next visit.

NOTE – I know I said I’d keep the recommendations short, but BELUGA was soooo good I couldn’t leave anything out!! HIGHLY recommended x

KOKO BLACK – Claremont

Koko Black on Urbanspoon

It was perfect hot chocolate weather, on this rainy day. I stopped for a spot of morning tea at this Claremont Quarter cafe, whilst doing some shopping. Koko Black is the only one of its kind in WA – there are a few “over east”. too They specialise in dark chocolate; beautiful truffles and decadent desserts that are handmade on site by their specialist chocolatier. They also offer house-made ice creams, sorbets and have a high tea menu.

The hot chocolate ($6) tasted like liquid chocolate cake – yummmm!! It was thick, delicious and made to a traditional Belgian recipe. It also comes in Hazelnut, Mocha and chilli versions. It also comes with a complimentary truffle – I had mint.

Have a dribble over the handmade truffle menu… its delish!