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Say Ciao to the latest eatery from the people behind Cottesloe’s ever popular Il Lido, who have opened another casual Italian a little further up Marine Parade. Canteen Pizza has a laid back Mediterranean feel, with a crisp, light interior and walls lined with bottles of wine. By night, the venue takes on a louder, darker wine bar vibe.


Canteen Pizza is not your typical pizza joint. Though the focus is undeniably pizza, but the menu is punctuated with Italian style cheese, meat and fish dishes. One of Australia’s most renowned pizza pros, Napoli-born Ettore Bertonati, has been brought over from Adelaide to set up the pizza menu.

A lot of Italian produce and terms are used in the menu and the friendly wait staff are only too happy to explain and “translate” for me.

Given the fantastic wine program at Il lido, I’m expecting an impressive wine list and Canteen Pizza delivers. The ever evolving list is a mix of accessible Australian and Italian labels, with a focus on natural wines. A glass of Aperol spritz seems the perfect choice for enjoying casual Italian dishes by the sea. Their quirky glassware is a big hit, with the quote “Because you can’t drink pizza” printed on their wine glasses.

Aperol Spritz

We start our lunch with dishes of antipasti. We’re spoilt for choice. There’s cold cuts of meat, seafood, veal and pork meatballs, freshly baked bread and more. I adore the baked Chevrac du Perigord ($18) French goats cheese is rolled in pistachio nuts and served upon freshly chopped rocket. The creamy cheese paired with zesty flavours of house made candied orange marmalade makes for a cracking summer dish.

Baked Goats Cheese

Plump Rottnest scallops ($18 for two) are served in the shell along with pickled carrots, leek, and cauliflower. The scallops, topped with golden pane fritto crumbs (fried bread), are full of flavour and I’m wishing for more.


The Margherita, $20, is simply stunning. A pizza rossa (red sauce base) is topped with Italian Pomodoro san Marzano tomato sauce, Fior di Latte mozzarella, sharp parmesan and basil, the thin base is light and puffy, with just a hint of a crispy black edge. We shouldn’t mess with the simplicity of a Margarita, though we add pork and fennel sausage. At least it’s not pineapple! The punchy toppings aren’t loaded on, which gives the crisp base a chance to shine.

Margarita w Sausage

The Neapolitan-style pizzas are top notch. Their dough is left to rise naturally for 48 hours, topped with Italian and fresh local ingredients, then cooked in the roaring wood fire in their open kitchen. Chef also enjoyed the “Rustica” with creamy stracchino cheese, pork and fennel sausage,  broccoli, fennel and fresh chili.


It’s not just about pizza at Canteen Pizza. The porchetta, a rolled roasted pork loin, catches my eye. Tempted as I am, this seems a meal in itself, so I order the rainbow trout. Sadly, it’s not arrived in the kitchen yet. The chefs are more than happy to cook their market fish (line caught Geraldton Bream) in the same way – stuffed with pancetta and rosemary, oregano and garlic. Here’s a truth bomb – I’ve never tackled a whole fish before! Put off by bones and not to mention being eyeballed by the fish as I ate it, I’d never taken the plunge. Boy, have I been missing out. The moist, buttery flesh easily slides off the bone. I am mightily impressed.

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Ocean Spice Café – Cottesloe


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I’m constantly looking for new places to dine. Truthfully, it’s a bit of an obsession – part and parcel of being a Perth food blogger! The web is a never ending source of restaurant news and new openings in Perth. Sites such as Urbanspoon and Tripadvisor can be a bit of a mixed bag though and I tend to take them with a large pinch of salt. The “urban-trippers” can get a little carried away on their imaginary soapbox, ranting and raving about disappointing meals and awful service. On the other hand, when I find a restaurant with an unblemished record and nothing but praise online, I take it as an excellent sign. One such place is a casual Asian restaurant, Ocean Spice Café, which has been open just a few months – to rave reviews.IMG_8554

Ocean Spice Café is on Eric Street, right next to the Ocean Beach Hotel. It’s modern, airy and has sea views if you can secure a table next to the large open window. We dine at 6pm on a Tuesday night and already the place is bustling with people and take away orders.IMG_8558

We are very warmly welcomed by the owner Maria. Ocean Spice café isn’t licenced, so Chef dashes to the neighbouring OBH for a bottle of white. There are soft drinks on offer, as well as such Vietnamese delicacies as “Sinh To Bo” an avocado milkshake, for the more adventurous.

There’s a lot of choice on the menu for meat eaters and plenty of vegetarian options too. To start, Chef and I chose a few entrees. We have Little Chef in tow. It is the notoriously fussy five year old’s first dalliance with Asian food. The four vegetarian curry puffs, $8.90 brimming with potato and peas are only mildly spicy and to our surprise Little Chef tucks into them. The pork spring rolls, $7.90 are deliciously crisp too.IMG_8561

Many years ago my yard stick for satay sticks was set impossibly high during a trip to the Satay Club at Clarke Quay in Singapore. Never before had we tasted such delicious morsels of nutty meat and sadly, never again since. Our chicken satay sticks, $8.90 at Ocean Spice Café are very tasty, but fall short of our impossibly high benchmark for satay sticks. They are missing something – perhaps the smokiness of being cooked on a chargrill.IMG_8566

I choose a chicken cashew nut stir fry, $18.90, also available with beef or pork. The thinly sliced chicken is perfectly sautéed and oh so tender. It is packed full of fresh, crisp vegetables; snow peas, capsicum and spring onions all covered in soy sauce and sesame oil – absolutely delicious!IMG_8573

Next, we devour a pile of crispy roast duck, $21.90, which sits atop a mound of crunchy noodles. The duck is moist on the inside and is smothered with a lip-smacking sweet plum sauce.IMG_8568

Chef enjoys his favourite staple Thai dish of Chicken Pad Thai, $18.90. He practically demolishes the traditional street food dish of soft stir fried noodles, perfectly cooked chicken, fried egg, tofu, bean sprouts, garlic and chives.IMG_8572

The khong wan menu, which translates as “sweet things”, looks tempting. Feeling rather full, the three of us decide to share the kow neow manung with ice cream, $10.90. The traditional dessert of sticky rice with succulent fresh mango, sesame seeds and coconut milk with a generous serve of ice cream is the perfect end to our meal.IMG_8580

The busy café offers outstanding value for money and is incredibly popular – even Mark Barretta from Channel Seven’s Sunrise was spotted dining there recently! We noticed many of the other diners seemed to be regulars – Ocean Spice Cafe seems to have filled a much needed niche in Cottesloe.

*First published in the Post newspaper*

At a glance

■ Ocean Spice Café

2/1 Eric Street, Cottesloe

Phone 9383 3303

■ Opening times

Tuesday to Friday

5pm to 9pm

Saturday & Sunday

11am to 9pm

■ Rating

food 3

service 4

ambience 3

value for money 4

■ style – Thai & Vietnamese

■ wine – byo

■ Chef – Pop Samasorn

■ Owner – Marie Grace

■ feel – Casual and unpretentious

■ wheelchair access – small

step at entrance

■ cost –

Entrée – $7.90 to $8.90

Mains – $11.90 to $21.90

Dessert – $8.90 to $10.90

■ all in all – well priced and

well cooked food with a

warm welcome from Marie.

Sculpture by the Sea – Cottesloe Beach

UntitledssAfter a casual brunch at Il Lido in Cottesloe, Chef and I attended the opening of Sculpture by the Sea. On the sand and amongst the Norfolk Pines, you can view works by over 70 local, interstate and international artists.

UntitledssssI enjoy art, though my personal preference lies in photographic images. I’m not really the best qualified person to comment on sculptures. I simply like what I see, whether it is pretty, kooky or fun. There is a wide mix of sculptures, all shapes, sizes and made from a wide range of materials – even barbie dolls! IMG_0618

There is a skeleton riding a bike, tips of surfboards poking through the white sand, a wave made of dolls and much more. There are many sculptures that I simply have no idea what they are or what they are supposed to represent – but they look great. There were bags full of sand, outside the Indiana Tea House, which I didn’t even realise were part of the exhibition! Whoops. I really love “Red Centre”, hundreds of red and yellow flags that make a large circle on the beach. The flags look good in photos, but nothing like how amazing they look flapping together in the sea breeze.

Admittedly, being a wine lover – my favourite piece is the giant goon bag!! The actual name of the piece is “Bulk Carrier”, which was created by Mount Lawley Artist Norton Flavel. I love it for its playful novelty value. I had heard that the 15 meter sculpture has a price tag of $20, 000 – who said cask wine was cheap?!20140307_113540

Sculpture by the Sea is actually one of the world’s largest free public events. I’m not sure how accurate the figure is, but a local restaurateur told me that 250, 000 people were expected to attend the event. It’s on till the 24th of March. We’d love to enjoy this in years to come, so make sure you pop a gold coin donation in the bucket.IMG_0604

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Il Lido Italian Canteen


Il Lido Italian Canteen on Urbanspoon

Chef and I popped down to Cottesloe recently to check out Sculptures by the Sea event. After going over a few dining options, we settled on a visit to Il Lido for brunch. It’s just a stone’s throw from Cottesloe Beach. In fact, it’s just over the road, hiding behind the iconic Indiana Tea House. Though it was busy, we only had to wait a minute before being seated in the light and vibrant canteen, at one of the four long communal tables.Untitleda

I love casual brunch-y restaurants. Gordon St Garage (in West Perth) is a similar type of place, with a cool vibe and good food. It also just happens to be Il Lido’s sister restaurant. We ordered a couple of coffees and perused the breakfast menu. I thought it was a fairly varied menu, but we did notice that there wasn’t much meat. Out of 12 dishes, only 3 had meat on them. However, saying that, you can add a side of bacon to any dish for $6.

20140307_110246I had the Zucchini Fritter ($16) with an organic egg. The fluffy fritter was topped with half an avocado and wilted spinach. It was very tasty and garnished with snow pea tendrils and also crispy quinoa; which when drizzled with evoo, shone like little jewels. I broke open the egg gently with a knife for the “money shot”. A runny yolk is one of life’s little pleasures! This was a great brunch dish.

IMG_0577Chef had the Lido Brekkie ($25). This dish has bacon, Italian sausage, home-made baked beans, mushrooms, bread and butter. It also came with “eggs how you like”. Chef chose sunny side up (which he had to explain to the waitress).“oh FRIED” she exclaimed. Well, yes, but noooo! Sunny side up is fried, but not flipped. Luckily she must have passed on the message, as chef’s eggs came out perfectly cooked. He really enjoyed his brekkie and would gladly eat it again.Untitledlm

Whether you’re dining there for brekkie, lunch or dinner Il Lido is a great all-rounder. I’ve heard from many people that their house made pasta is outstanding. We found the prices pretty reasonable and the service efficient. Expect Il Lido to be a little noisy. We didn’t mind that though – it’s all part of the communal atmosphere at the lively coastal canteen.Untitledl

Boatshed Markets

Boatshed Market on Urbanspoon

The Boatshed market, in Cottesloe, is housed in a piece of West Australian history. It is THE boatshed where AUSTRALIA II, the Americas Cup winning yacht, was built in the 1980s. That’s not where the standards of excellence stop. Boatshed Markets are regarded as one of the very best gourmet retailers in Perth, by a whole range of prominent Perth Chefs. Even Manu shops there!


Chef often shops there if he’s looking for something hard to come by (random ingredients like rainbow chard & heirloom tomatoes). The quality and range of their fresh veg, fruit, cheeses, meats, seafood etc is fantastic. They also have a lot of ready-made salads and meals, made onsite by their chefs. The baked goods are all overseen by their award winning baker. 


The butchers section is full of everything you could imagine and more –lots of game meats and they even have fresh Haggis. They age and cure their own meats. Chef is a bit partial to Boatsheds own biltong; WAGU biltong no less!! It’s essentially air-dried meat, a South African style beef jerky. At close to $90 per kg, it’s a bit pricy, but it is done very well. I really enjoyed it too.


Their Fish Mongers stock mostly WA caught fish from Karratha. Their crabs are caught from Shark Bay and Mandurah. I love their Fish Pie. I’d been wanting to try them for a while. I bought one last week and found that they were every bit as delicious! as I had imagined! Lots of big chunks of fresh, flaky fish, scallops and prawns – perfect for a chilly winters dinner at home.



Notes – the pie comes in a foil container, with the mash piped on top – hence the mushy look of the photo!!