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This one’s HOT off the press! This morning we brunched at Lot One Kitchen, a brand new eatery in the northern suburbs, which has really hit the ground running!


We popped by for a late brunch. So late, that Little Chef preferred to eat something for lunch. The new restaurant, which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner has had a beautiful fit out. There’s lots of tables and a cosy nook with sofas too. I love it’s use of tanned leather and stunning light fixtures.


The service was good, but a little green. I’m happy to give them the benefit of the doubt, being so new! The roast used at Lot One Kitchen is Di Bella. Chef was happy with his flat white and even grabbed a take away on our way out.


Feeling a cold coming on, I chose a “beet it” beetroot and ginger juice.


Little Chef had a chocolate milkshake treat. Continue reading

Roma Republic – Craigie

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Hipsters in Craigie? It sounds like a pretty farfetched concept – but it appears to be true. Chef grew up in this unassuming spot in the Perth northern suburbs. Once the only thing to get remotely excited about in Craigie was the old bowling alley. Now there’s a new reason – Roma Republic.IMG_1830

Craigie residents will be rejoicing that they have somewhere to get a decent coffee from. It was evident when we stopped there for breakfast a few weeks ago that this café is a welcome addition – there was a very steady stream of people coming in for takeaways.

It has all the right ingredients – that retro industrial feel, blokes with shaggy beards and a hip brekkie menu. I chose a strawberry, watermelon, apple, lime and mint smoothie, $7.50 from the drinks menu – it was as lush as it sounds!IMG_1831

I must have been having food guilt that morning as I chose a relatively healthy honey roasted granola with poached pear, $12. The serve was generous and the granola nicely toasted, with lots of tasty bits. On the side were milk and Greek yogurt.IMG_1837

Chef picked his favourite breakfast staple from the menu – eggs benedict, with bacon $16. The two perfectly poached eggs were served on English muffins with wilted spinach and chef just had to have a side of sausages too. He gave his brekkie the thumbs up.IMG_1843

And Little Chef had the same as Daddy – minus the snags.IMG_1834

Our breakfast was enjoyable, the food was tasty, nothing game-changing, but hearty home cooked style fayre. The atmosphere at Roma Republic is casual and the prices very reasonable. Nice to see Craigie going up in the world!IMG_1849


Taylors Art and Coffee House – Middle Swan

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I’d heard great things about Taylors and have been keen to try the Swan Valley brunch spot for some time. Taylors Art and Coffee House is found in a rustic building, which has charming little nooks to sit in – like a corrugated iron water tank – it feels like you could be in an outback oasis.New Image

As well as the café, you’ll find quality arts and crafts there to buy.IMG_1528

It was a very hot day so we opted to sit inside. While we waited for all of our friends to arrive, I slurped on a deliciously refreshing beet and veg juice. IMG_1517

Kez had the smashed avo, $16. This was a tasty version of the breakfast staple. Smashed avocado sits on rye with fresh tomato, crumbled feta, balsamic and a free range poached egg.IMG_1526

Kimie chose the gluten free version of the brekkie sandwich, $16. She also added a couple of sausages on the side. Kim soon realised this wasn’t necessary as there are two rounds of sandwiches! The sarnies are brimming with bacon, eggs, tomato relish and cheddar cheese. Yummo!IMG_1525

I ordered the cornbread, $22 served with tasty chipotle butter. It is topped with guacamole, dressed greens and a free range poached egg. There’s an option to add bacon for an extra $8 and of course I couldn’t resist! The egg was perfectly gooey and the bacon slightly crisp. I ooo-ed and yumm-ed my way through this dish – it’s very very tasty! I’d have it again in a heartbeat!IMG_1524

The kids are spoiled for choice too with a decent kids menu for breakfast and lunch. There’s also a large sandpit in the outside dining courtyard – but it was far too hot for that! Miss M had a 2 Pancake stack with maple syrup, banana, strawberries, cream & icing sugar, $12.IMG_1522Little Chef enjoyed his bacon, scrambled eggs & toast $9. The portions served for kids meals can vary a lot and I thought at Taylors these are very generous.IMG_1527

All in all we enjoyed Taylors and I’d absolutely go there again. Hopefully we’ll visit on a cooler day so we can sit outside and enjoy a hot coffee with brunch. The food is excellent and well priced too. Recommended!IMG_1529


Café 2TwentyFour – Belmont


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One of the most talked about new cafés of the last few months is Café 2TwentyFour. It lured me in with the multitude of Instagram posts of MEGAshakes and drool-worthy brunch dishes. It’s found opposite Belmont Forum, which could have been an odd spot, but with Sapore just down the road, it’s not so out of place.IMG_1192

I met a couple of pal’s there for lunch – Kimee and Kez – with their baby daughters in tow. Though it’s a fairly small café, it was easily navigated with a pram and there was also room for two high chairs on our table. The day was a little warm, so we grabbed a table inside, away from the busy Belmont Ave.IMG_1193

The coffee at Café 2TwentyFour is very good – as are the juices. Though it was the giant milkshakes that tempted me, I chickened out on the calorie fest (they are topped with cream, cookies and goodness knows what else) and I chose a refreshing watermelon and strawberry juice instead. Unfortunately, they had run out of melons – whooopps. One of the waitresses dashed over to the shops and appeared a few minutes later with my lusciously sweet juice – it was worth the wait!IMG_1199

Kimee chose the Eggs Benedict (with side of avocado), which is pretty much all she orders when we go out for brunch. Apart from totally loving this dish, it also suits her dairy/gluten intolerances. Add some pulled pork to the dish and she is in heaven! Like many other brunch spots in Perth, Café 2TwentyFour does a eggs bene version with pork. Yay for pulled pork!!IMG_1203

I chose the Chorizo Stack and boy, am I glad that I did – it is a cracker of a dish! The toast was topped with wilted greens, crumbled soft cheese, chorizo and two perfectly runny poached eggs – with some sweet roasted tomatoes on the side. Every component was as tasty as could be.IMG_1207

Kez enjoyed her generous serve of scrumptious pulled beef nachos. It was finished with a dollop of sour cream and a pretty cornflower, adding colour and making it totally insta-worthy!IMG_1200

Café 2TwentyFour is a super little brunch spot. I “mmm’d” and “yum’d” all the way through my chorizo stack – it is absolutely one of the tastiest brekkie dishes I’ve had in a while. I wholeheartedly recommend it and next time I might be brave enough to order a decedent milkshake too!

Sapore Espresso Bar – Belmont


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I know I’m crazy busy when I realise it’s taken TWO months to write a blog post! Besides real life getting in the way of a good foodie story, we’re still playing catch up since moving house. Also, I’ve been a bit of a disaster lately, spilling iced tea on my laptop meant that I have lost my S and W keys and so am typing with two keyboards. Not fun. Just give me the benefit of the doubt if you spot any dodgy spelling errors!New Image

I’d popped into Sapore for many healthy takeaway lunches on the run. I had been meaning to check it out for brunch for some time. Also, the A-Mazing looking gourmet shakes I’d spied recently on Instagram had been tempting me too!! And so, back in September, I caught up with two of my high school favourites – Myl and Ren. It was a very busy Friday brunch and there was hardly a spare seat in the bustling Belmont café. It had a good atmosphere, though quite noisy too.

My creamy nutella gourmet shake ($8.50) lived up to the hype. Topped with cream and chocolate it’s very rich and decadent! For the coffee drinkers, Sapore use local Fiori Coffee from the Swan Valley.IMG_0112

Ever the fungi lover, I chose the wild mushroom bruschetta ($15.90).  A trio of sautéed mushrooms, wilted spinach and meredith chevre goats cheese sits a top toasted Panini and is lightly drizzled with great southern truffle oil. I added a poached egg for an extra $2. It is a tasty breakfast dish, I just wished that my egg was runny!IMG_0107

Myl enjoyed the sweetcorn fritters with a fresh tomato and avocado salsa ($17.50). It’s a good veggie dish, topped with two runny poached eggs.IMG_0109

Ren had the eggs Florentine ($17.90). Two free range poached eggs, smoked salmon and spinach are smothered with house-made hollandaise sauce and sit on top of a slice of sourdough toast.IMG_0111

Sapore has friendly service, wholesome and delicious food – it wasn’t my first visit and it sure won’t be my last!IMG_0118



Holly Raye’s – Bassendean


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Though newbie Holly Raye’s is tucked down an unassuming Bassendean side street – you won’t be able to miss it with the stunning dog mural by my favourite artist – Anya Brock. You can see some of her beautiful work at Ootong & Lincoln in Freo too. But anyhoo – I’m digressing here. I was lunching with some of my favourites Kim and Kez. Kez had mentioned to me recently that a friend of her’s, Holly, had opened a new café. I was very keen to try it – especially when I found out that Holly’s mum is in the kitchen – she used to work at the fabulous Sherbet cake and bake shop.IMG_0737

The café is fairly small inside and with two prams in tow, we opted to sit at a table out on the pathway. First, we ordered drinks. As a big fan of chai, I went for the creamy chocolate chai, which made a really nice change and it felt a little bit decedent.IMG_0747

We were sat at our table for a good 20 minutes or so before the cups and plates of the previous customer were cleared – but meh – no biggie. It was quite obvious the waitresses are new and they were run off their feet. I’m happy to give them the benefit of the doubt, given that Holly Rayes has only been open a few weeks.

The menu is an all day breakfast type – which suited us all just fine. I chose the Karri smoked bacon, with free range egg, sharp aged cheddar and tomato relish on a buttery brioche bun, $18. To my delight, the egg was runny *fist-pump*. It’s a tasty dish and the sweet relish really married all the ingredients together well. IMG_0749

Kim chose her staple brunch dish – Eggs benedict, $20. Holly’s version came with lashings of meaty pulled pork and hollandaise sauce. I’m not alone in my love for a runny egg – Kim confessed that she feels a little bit sad if she orders an egg dish and the yolk is hard boiled. I’m so glad I’m not the only one!! We’re happy to report that these eggs were perfectly gooey. IMG_0748

The use of mismatched retro plates is cute and these plates really reminded me of my childhood in the 80’s!! Kez enjoyed the super fresh breakfast guacamole with black beans and jalapeño cornbread, $18. She also ordered a side of potato hash, $4, which looked scrummy.IMG_0750

The girls treated themselves to some freshly baked sweet treats. As tempting a they looked – I’m TRYING to be good. An impossible mission for a food blogger and frankly, no one wants to read about a salad – though please do correct me if you do!IMG_0752

All in all I really enjoyed my first trip to Holly Raye’s. The food is well cooked and very tasty. It’s priced well too. I’m sure the service will catch up to the good standard once the new wait staff have found their feet.IMG_0742


Elevated Grounds – Kalamunda

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Kalamunda is turning into quite the coffee spot! First opened Haynes Street Larder, then it’s sister café Jack and Jill appeared – now there is another opening on the Haynes Street Strip – Elevated Grounds.IMG_0300

You can find the bright and cheery café housed in what was formally “La Paris Brest”. The staff are very friendly and welcoming. Dining is al fresco or in the café – we opt to sit inside, where it’s a little quieter.IMG_0290

I really enjoyed a proper chai tea. I loved how it was served on a board and I poured the tea infused milk into the mug myself, sprinkling the chai spices ontop. I was happy to taste the tea was piping hot too, which is rare.

IMG_0293The menu is basically an all day breakfast menu. For something a little more lunch-y there is quiche, salad, sandwiches and more in the chiller cabinet – as well as cakes! My mum chooses two pancakes ($11) topped with blueberries and dusted with icing sugar. On the menu you can choose if you have a stack of 2, 3, 4, or 5 pancakes and there are several different toppings to pick from – naughty and nice.

IMG_0299I predictably chose the “pulled pork benedict” and was a little gutted when I was told that the kitchen had run out. Instead, I opt for the smoked salmon version ($16.50). First to the eggs! Were they perfectly cooked? The first poke of my knife didn’t reveal any runny yolk and my heart sank a little more – the second egg though WAS runny and the poached egg oozed with golden yolk.  The eggs and salmon sat upon a bed of wilted spinach and super fresh thickly sliced bread. The dish fits the bill, though I still crave that porky-ness that marries so well with the creamy hollandaise sauce.

Kids are catered for and there are mini picnic tables in the kiddies toy corner. Little Chef picks a simple cheese toastie for his lunch, which he scoffs in no time. Elevated Grounds is also friendly for your furry friends.


While it’s a pleasant café and the staff are very helpful,  I think the kitchen is yet to hit their stride with the food. The café has been open just a few months. Elevated Grounds has priced the food well and it’s more of a home style of cooking than gourmet, but still tasty!IMG_0304

Mama’s and Papa’s Place – Wembley


Pic: Mamas and Papas Place

Mama's and Papa's Place on Urbanspoon
Little Chef and I brunch at the newly opened “Mamas and Papas Place” one Sunday morning. It’s just about opposite the Wembley Hotel on Cambridge Street. We receive a warm welcome as we walk into the teeny-tiny coffee shop.IMG_8193
The family owned café focuses on healthy home-made food and good quality tea and coffee. First we go to sit in the outdoor courtyard, but its a little hot already, so we retreat inside to sit by the air conditioning and giant dog mural. I order a freshly squeezed apple juice for little chef, along with an equally fresh mixed berry muffin. He loves the chunks of fruit in it and scoffs it in no time.IMG_8196
I order a latte for myself. Here they use the Karvan coffee roast, which is local and good quality. IMG_8194
To eat, I choose off the specials board There is also freshly made salads, Panini’s etc in the chiller cabinet. IMG_8205
I have the “Avo Obsession” ($16.50). An avocado and fetta mash on bread of your choosing (I chose grain), with roasted mushrooms and poached eggs. I always hope and pray for runny poached eggs – there’s nothing better than a bit of #eggporn and something to dunk your bread into. Both eggs were spot on and the brekkie as a whole was tasty and filling.IMG_8202
If your out and about in Wembley Mama’s and Papa’s Place is a good spot for a coffee and bit to eat – especially if you’re trying to be healthy!

Il Lido Italian Canteen


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Chef and I popped down to Cottesloe recently to check out Sculptures by the Sea event. After going over a few dining options, we settled on a visit to Il Lido for brunch. It’s just a stone’s throw from Cottesloe Beach. In fact, it’s just over the road, hiding behind the iconic Indiana Tea House. Though it was busy, we only had to wait a minute before being seated in the light and vibrant canteen, at one of the four long communal tables.Untitleda

I love casual brunch-y restaurants. Gordon St Garage (in West Perth) is a similar type of place, with a cool vibe and good food. It also just happens to be Il Lido’s sister restaurant. We ordered a couple of coffees and perused the breakfast menu. I thought it was a fairly varied menu, but we did notice that there wasn’t much meat. Out of 12 dishes, only 3 had meat on them. However, saying that, you can add a side of bacon to any dish for $6.

20140307_110246I had the Zucchini Fritter ($16) with an organic egg. The fluffy fritter was topped with half an avocado and wilted spinach. It was very tasty and garnished with snow pea tendrils and also crispy quinoa; which when drizzled with evoo, shone like little jewels. I broke open the egg gently with a knife for the “money shot”. A runny yolk is one of life’s little pleasures! This was a great brunch dish.

IMG_0577Chef had the Lido Brekkie ($25). This dish has bacon, Italian sausage, home-made baked beans, mushrooms, bread and butter. It also came with “eggs how you like”. Chef chose sunny side up (which he had to explain to the waitress).“oh FRIED” she exclaimed. Well, yes, but noooo! Sunny side up is fried, but not flipped. Luckily she must have passed on the message, as chef’s eggs came out perfectly cooked. He really enjoyed his brekkie and would gladly eat it again.Untitledlm

Whether you’re dining there for brekkie, lunch or dinner Il Lido is a great all-rounder. I’ve heard from many people that their house made pasta is outstanding. We found the prices pretty reasonable and the service efficient. Expect Il Lido to be a little noisy. We didn’t mind that though – it’s all part of the communal atmosphere at the lively coastal canteen.Untitledl

Penny Garden Restaurant

IMG_0252We visited the Swan Valley for a special birthday brunch on the weekend – Chef’s grandads 80th.

We easily found the Penny Garden Restaurant (situated next to Yahava coffee and near to the Margaret River Chocolate factory). The name “Penny Garden” comes from the discovery of old coins during its construction.

Little Chef clocked the bouncy castle straight away, which is free for patrons. It was a good bargaining tool for us – he could have a bounce if he ate all his breakfast – little did we know HOW BIG his breakfast was to be!IMG_0270

We sat indoors by the window overlooking the dam and vineyards; you can also sit outside under the veranda. I have to admit I had imagined the restaurant/cafe to be in a lush garden, not just a vast lawn. Inside was a little noisy, as we were essentially sitting in a big shed. The staff were friendly and efficient.


We had;

UntitledpggAvo Smash $22 2 free range poached eggs, smashed avocado, Danish fetta and spinach on top toasted Turkish bread with a half a baked savoury tomato

IMG_0258Pancake Stack $19 Four Pancakes, with a choice of maple syrup or a blueberry compote. I asked if LC could have a child portion of this (2 pancakes), but the waiter said they didn’t do that. I assume the reason being it would stuff up their mise en place (prep) or something. I just hate wastage though! LC did well, but only managed half of the adults serve.

UntitledpgEggs Benedict $20.50 2 poached free-range eggs, ham, wilted spinach, hollandaise on an English muffin with a baked savoury topped half a tomato. Hash brown $3.50 extra

The food was all very tasty and well cooked. I really enjoyed the Avo Smash. I do think that breakfast dishes should generally be under $20 though (unless a very substantial dish like a Full English). Maybe these dishes were a touch overpriced.

Penny Garden is a very family friendly restaurant and LC just loved the bouncy castle. It was well suited to a large family gathering with lots of children under 10 there. It was a lovely morning spent with Chef’s vast extended family – we were even treated to some tasty cupcakes. Thank you for having us to celebrate with you – Happy Birthday Grandad!! Untitledcc
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