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Happy Mothers Day to all the lovely Mummies out there! It was my choice for bunch this morning and the three of us checked out a newbie that has recently popped up in Floreat. JJ Kings, just off Cambridge Street, is a café by day and a wine bar by night. We sat by the window at a retro table and chairs which reminded me of my Auntie’s – they must have been from the 1950s.IMG_9285Chef and I both had coffee, which was good, though silly me didn’t catch what blend they use.

IMG_9288I chose the bircher, great value at $12.90. Bircher muesli is a big favourite of mine and this bircher was spot on. It was layered with thinly sliced apple and looked absolutely scrumptious. As a delved deeper, I found all sorts of goodies had been included in the JJ King’s version. There are pistachios, pepitas, quinoa, plump sultanas and more – then topped with a mixed berry compote and natural yogurt. It was absolutely delicious and a cracking little brunch dish.

New ImageThere were other tasty looking dishes on the special mothers day menu – Marinated Freo sardines looked good, as did the pork belly breakfast.

IMG_9286Chef chose, the “Big Pappa” ($22.90). That was a large plate full of bacon, eggs, chipolata sausages, beans, mushrooms, tomato and toast. He thought that all the components were well cooked and ticked all the boxes.

IMG_9287Little Chef enjoyed a freshly made giant sausage roll, which got the better of him – it was huge! I had a nibble and it was very tasty, with lots of herbs through the meat.

JJ Kings is a nice spot for an all-day brekkie. It’s also open for dinner and even just for drinks.IMG_9293

V Burger Bar – Floreat

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Chef and I don’t always crave extravagant food – sometimes something casual appeals to us even more. After a 12 hour shift in the kitchen, plating up sous vide meats, foams, jus and this and that – Chef especially wants food that is deliciously uncomplicated.

We found ourselves at V Burger in Floreat on a night when neither of us wanted to cook at home. It’s at Floreat Forum shopping centre – opposite “The Boulevard” pub. It overlooks a leafy courtyard, you can dine alfresco or inside.IMG_7618

The service was very warm and friendly. Watching the open kitchen it looked like everything was running like clockwork. To start, we nibble on panko crumbed mushrooms ($8), which were heavenly. The crumbed button mushrooms are served with a wickedly creamy blue cheese sauce. So scrumptious!IMG_7605

I chose my burger from the newly launched brioche menu. Though the bread is far from healthy (brioche contains sugar and lots of butter) for me, it makes the perfectly flavoured burger bun. The Piggy Back ($14.50) is packed full of off the bone pork ribs, homemade bbq sauce, jalapenos, coleslaw & onion rings. It’s not as tall as Chef’s monstrous burger, but there is still plenty of burger! I’ve had may a burger in my time and I’m going to go out on a limb to say this is my favourite of all! I’m a sucker for ribs and this was spot on. The slaw wasn’t an afterthought and was really crunchy, creamy and tasty – I’d happily eat that on it’s own.IMG_7614

Chef chose the Crispy Crisp burger ($12.50) In between the Turkish buns was a prime beef patty, a tower of crispy battered onion rings, mixed gourmet lettuce, tomato, aioli & relish. Chef also chose to add bacon, cheese and chorizo for an extra charge. It went down a treat and Chef was very impressed. He reckoned it was up there with the best burgers he’d eaten.IMG_7611

Little Chef wolfed down a Mini Fish & Chips ($9.50) A perfect kids sized portion of crumbed fish fillets, served with chips & tartare sauce. Outside V Burger there is a small playground, which would suit kids that are of a toddler age.IMG_7602

Salads are also available, for those people who are a bit more health conscious. There’s also Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for those who aren’t! We just couldn’t say no to some freshly baked chocolate brownies to finish off our dinner. Yummo!IMG_7616

Chef and I have long been big fans of Grilld burgers, we also like Jus and Missy Moos. This was our first trip to V Burger and we did agree that V Burger has raised the bar very high for us – I think we’ve found a new favourite!! Check it out – you’ll thank us for it. V Burger certainly puts the “EAT” into Floreat! It is also found in East Vic Park.

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The Kiosk – Floreat

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When I was a child, my parents went to great lengths to dodge parks and toy shops, to avoid the inevitable pestering. There is no avoiding this beachside playground, as its smack-bang next to the entrance of The Kiosk. Little Chef, our 5 year old, makes a dash for the slide as soon as he sets eyes on it. I quickly turn it into a bargaining tool. He can play later if he eats all his breakfast. Everyone’s a winner!Untitledj

Chef and I are ravenous on this re-run election morning – having not succumbed to the sausage sizzle at our local polling station. The Kiosk is light, airy and wedged in-between the beautiful white sand dunes of Floreat beach. We sit in the outdoor dining area, under the sails. I can almost touch the sand.

We brunch with my boss (Mr H) and his lovely family. They’ve been visiting The Kiosk for many years. It’s been operating under its current owner, Venetian born Stefano Rossi since 2008. Mrs H remarks on the lovely ocean view. You simply can’t beat a coastal vista I agree. It was only interrupted by a few morning swimmers, in speedos, walking past our table… yikes!IMG_0937

It’s a jolly atmosphere in the bustling café. Locals are enjoying their weekend; catching up with friends, popping in for a drink whist walking the dog or having a hearty feed after a morning swim. The breakfast menu is substantial and you can brunch there till noon. Chef orders at the counter and our drinks arrive in good time. I’m impressed with the freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.

I choose the Full-on Vego ($24). I hasten to add I am quite the carnivore, but I’m having some food guilt and a large plate of vegetables seems to be the answer. Included are two eggs, how you like, grilled haloumi, mushrooms, beans, caponata, tomatoes and thick toast. The beans are delicious and would be great in a dish of their own. I like the food, though the pesto mushrooms are quite watery. It’s an incredibly generous serving, which I can’t possibly finish. IMG_0927

Chef has the Eggs Benedict ($18.50). Two poached eggs smothered in hollandaise, leg ham and rocket sit upon thick toast, sourced from an artisan bakery. It is Chef’s breakfast menu favourite and his yard stick for a measuring a good brunching spot. It passes the test.IMG_0921

Little Chef’s eyes bulge as his breakfast arrives – a huge stack of pancakes ($14.50). I feel instantly guilty for telling him he must eat ALL of his food. The adult serve of three fluffy pancakes is swimming in maple syrup. I could tell this was going to end up with more syrup on him than consumed. Luckily The Kiosk is a casual place – there are sticky fingers, happy faces and sandy feet aplenty.Untitled

We grab a coffee from the outside take away counter and sit on the lawn watching Little Chef burn off those pancakes in the playground. Many weary looking parents, caffeine in hand, have the same idea. We sit back and enjoy the million dollar ocean view. The Kiosk is a great spot for families.IMG_0952

*This was first published in The Post Newspaper 25/04/14*