Café 2TwentyFour – Belmont


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One of the most talked about new cafés of the last few months is Café 2TwentyFour. It lured me in with the multitude of Instagram posts of MEGAshakes and drool-worthy brunch dishes. It’s found opposite Belmont Forum, which could have been an odd spot, but with Sapore just down the road, it’s not so out of place.IMG_1192

I met a couple of pal’s there for lunch – Kimee and Kez – with their baby daughters in tow. Though it’s a fairly small café, it was easily navigated with a pram and there was also room for two high chairs on our table. The day was a little warm, so we grabbed a table inside, away from the busy Belmont Ave.IMG_1193

The coffee at Café 2TwentyFour is very good – as are the juices. Though it was the giant milkshakes that tempted me, I chickened out on the calorie fest (they are topped with cream, cookies and goodness knows what else) and I chose a refreshing watermelon and strawberry juice instead. Unfortunately, they had run out of melons – whooopps. One of the waitresses dashed over to the shops and appeared a few minutes later with my lusciously sweet juice – it was worth the wait!IMG_1199

Kimee chose the Eggs Benedict (with side of avocado), which is pretty much all she orders when we go out for brunch. Apart from totally loving this dish, it also suits her dairy/gluten intolerances. Add some pulled pork to the dish and she is in heaven! Like many other brunch spots in Perth, Café 2TwentyFour does a eggs bene version with pork. Yay for pulled pork!!IMG_1203

I chose the Chorizo Stack and boy, am I glad that I did – it is a cracker of a dish! The toast was topped with wilted greens, crumbled soft cheese, chorizo and two perfectly runny poached eggs – with some sweet roasted tomatoes on the side. Every component was as tasty as could be.IMG_1207

Kez enjoyed her generous serve of scrumptious pulled beef nachos. It was finished with a dollop of sour cream and a pretty cornflower, adding colour and making it totally insta-worthy!IMG_1200

Café 2TwentyFour is a super little brunch spot. I “mmm’d” and “yum’d” all the way through my chorizo stack – it is absolutely one of the tastiest brekkie dishes I’ve had in a while. I wholeheartedly recommend it and next time I might be brave enough to order a decedent milkshake too!

Hylin – West Leederville


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Note to self… under no circumstances go to a crazy popular brunch spot when ravenously hungry. I made this error on a crisp Saturday morning – thinking it was a fab idea to check out Hylin – a new-ish café, opposite the train line in West Leederville. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to queue for a few minutes – and Ren, Little Chef and I did just that…IMG_9416

We sat on the bench, waiting for my name to be called off the list, happily chatting away. Ren mentioned that our supposed 15 min wait had turned into over 30 mins and on further investigation it turned out that there had been someone else moonlighting as “Amanda” and stole out table! Completely no fault of Hylin and our friendly waiter was very apologetic.

IMG_9398We ordered a couple of drinks and a cronut for Little Chef. The croissant-addict was quick to agree to being my guinea pig once he found out that a cronut is a doughnut-croissant hybrid. A couple of years ago when Cronuts first came onto the Aussie food scene only a handful of bakeries in WA had made them. I tried a cronut at Prague Bakery at Kingsley Village Shopping Centre  but wasn’t too impressed, as it was over cooked and frankly shouldn’t have been sold. LC’s cronut was the perfect specimen – light, fluffy and filled with salted caramel.

IMG_9403Little Chef also loved his babycino – which got two thumbs up for extra marshmallows!

IMG_9407Ren had a Micrology Roasters coffee and I ordered a freshly made juice. I’d not had the combo of strawberry, melon, mint and pineapple before and boy was it good!strawb pinapp melon mint

By the time our food arrived I almost inhaled it! I had smoked bacon and roasted field mushroom on ciabatta ($16.50). I also added a poached egg on the side. The dish was cooked well, was very tasty and served with a rocket and corn salad. The crushed pea smear was delicious too.IMG_9410

Since it was pretty much lunch time, Ren chose the open street tacos ($14.50). Soft flour tortillas were stuffed full of Cajun chicken breast, slaw and a mango salsa on the side. Though Ren said the tacos were tasty, she was a bit sceptical that the dish was worth the 1.5hour wait (from arrival at the café to the dish arriving on our table).IMG_9414

All in all Hylin is a good café, I’d certainly return – though I think I’ll wait till the hype dies down a bit!IMG_9424IMG_9418


Tuck Shop – Northbridge


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With a Urbanspoon rating of 91% Tuck Shop was top of my brunch list. Chef and I had very high, perhaps even impossibly high expectations of the Northbridge café because of this – I hoped that we’d be part of the majority that had very positive dining experiences there. It was busy, but we were able to squeeze in for a late brunch. At Tuckshop they run an all day brunch/lunch menu. IMG_9245

The drinks were spot on and just what both of us were after. Chef enjoying a hot caffeine hit with his double shot flat white and me with my healthy juice, my feel good drink in anticipation of some possible unhealthy food choices! IMG_9237


The service at Tuck shop is on the ball and friendly. I was a bit torn with my choice, so the helpful waitress suggested the black pudding dish, as it is very popular. I decided to go with that choice and hoped for the best!


Chef absolutely loved the chorizo with paprika potatoes, peppers, Spanish onion and pork belly. The tasty belly had been deep fried and was ever so crisp. That was all topped with a sunny side up fried egg, $19.50. It was a dish busting with flavour and a mild spice, that worked well for breakfast or lunch.


People are going to think I like black pudding! Admittedly I’m not a huge fan, but I have tried it a few times lately and it is growing on me. My dish was made up of toasted sourdough with grilled black pudding, tomato, parsley, ricotta & a poached egg, $18.50. I enjoyed it, all the components were tasty and the egg was as runny as I’d hoped. The only thing that wasn’t spot on was the sourdough – a little too crispy for my liking and it was tough to cut with my knife.

All in all Tuck Shop certainly delivered. As well as great brunches n lunches they’re also renowned for their homemade pies. We were both too full to try one, though they looked fab – it certainly gives us another reason to return.IMG_9260


Tropico – North Beach

IMG_8545 Tropico on Urbanspoon

Just a block from West Coast Highway, you’ll find the buzzing café Tropico – where it’s not unusual to have to wait for a table. Chef and I waited about 20 minutes on a Friday brunch, which we didn’t mind too much, since we’d expected it. The interior has a cool, coastal vibe about it. There’s a tall communal table, but we opted to sit in the corner, where it is a tad quieter. There is also an outdoor veranda with plenty of seating.IMG_8540 At Tropico they use the Will and Co roast – a coffee from Bondi. Chef thought his flat white was pretty darn good and I loved the ceramic cups it came in.IMG_8526

I love a juice and ordered the “punch love”. The cold press juice is a concoction of pineapple, granny smith apple, kale, lemon and ginger. It was a little too punch-y, there was far too much ginger in it, to the point my throat felt like it was burning!


I chose the wood roasted mushrooms ($22). Two perfectly poached eggs sat upon a bowl of roasted mushrooms, which were tasty, but a tad watery for my liking. The Basil pesto gave the mushrooms some oomph and I relished mopping up the runny yolk with the fresh artisan sourdough.IMG_8537 Chef, feeling extremely hungry, chose the full breakfast ($24). He had two eggs “any way” – he chose fried sunny side up. He also had sausage, which was a touch dry, house made beans, tomato, bacon, mushrooms – plus a generous side of bacon and another $5 for a very tasty potato hash. It was an expensive brekkie and Chef didn’t enjoy every component – but all in all he liked it. IMG_8534 Whilst we didn’t exactly “go troppo” over Tropico, I think that was more about chance and my menu choices, since so many other people seem too love it so much. The service was friendly, they have top notch coffee and the food was mainly good. I’d definitely go back – it’s great to see quality cafes coming to the northern suburbs.

Health Freak Café – Joondalup {CLOSED}

IMG_8425 Health Freak Cafe on Urbanspoon

I get food guilt ALL THE TIME. Though I try to eat healthily as much as possible, the glutton within usually wins out. I mean, in my mind, no one wants to read about a salad. What really gets me dribbling is a succulent piece of pork belly topped with crispy cracking… This is my problem! Tasty food is usually not that great for the waistline. After all, as the Chef’s saying goes “fat is flavour”. Though it would seem this is not a rule – as I found out at the newly opened Health Freak Café in Joondalup.IMG_8408 A whole page of their menu is dedicated to juices and drinks. Protein shakes, weight loss juices, detox juices, super food smoothies and many more. I chose the “Heart Beet”, a concoction of carrot, orange, beetroot & lemon juice ($8). It came hipster-style in a jar and was really tasty and with no lumpy bits. Little Chef enjoyed a strawberry smoothie.IMG_8418 I’d just missed the brunch cut off, which was a shame, as I had a hankering for some poached eggs. There was a similar dish on the lunch menu – the Zucchini Fritters Stack ($21.10). Other dishes on the lunch menu include veggie cakes, chicken salad, wraps and raw treats too. Its a pretty dish, layered with fresh smoked salmon. The crisp fritters were full of shredded veg – tasty, but needed a little more seasoning. That all sat upon a mound of rocket and roasted cherry tomatoes – finished with a generous serve of lemon dill aoli. All in all a good lunch and only 206 calories – each menu item lists the calorie count.IMG_8427 The light and airy café has a cool rustic fit out. It’s also great to see more and more places dining options opening in Joondalup.IMG_8415 Health Freak Café are taking over the northern suburbs! You can also find them in Subi and Scarborough. At Health Freak, you can be sure every choice is a healthy one and pretty much guilt free!IMG_8431 Health Freak Cafe on Urbanspoon Health Freak Cafe on Urbanspoon Health Freak Bakehouse on Urbanspoon

The Precinct – Vic Park


The Precinct on Urbanspoon

The Precinct has been on my “to eat at” list for far too long. You have to bear in mind that the list is in fact an excel spreadsheet – so it’s taking us quite some time to visit everywhere! I was lunching with the lovely Kez n Kim – who between them are Gluten Free, Dairy Free and both pregnant! I was lucky we came to a restaurant that is so friendly towards dietary requirements. They also cater well for vegetarians. IMG_8240

The laid back spot on Albany Highway is a casual café by day and by night it takes on more of a late night wine bar vibe. We sat towards the back, by the open kitchen, where many scrumptious smells were wafting out – making us very hungry indeed! Our waitress was friendly and helpful with the details of the dishes. IMG_8214

We sipped on freshly squeezed juices and a particularly good drop of homemade traditional lemonade, as we looked over the share food menu.

IMG_8215We started our lunch nibbling on a bowl of pork crackling (gf), $6.50. It’s hard to find anyone that’s not a little addicted to these salty morsels of porkiness. Soon to follow were the zucchini fritters (gf/v), $18. We relished dipping the crunchy fritters into the stripes of beetroot puree and minted yoghurt.IMG_8217

Next to the table was a big bowl of greens -broccoli, snow peas, kale, green beans (gf/v/vegan), $15. The veg was seasoned well and lightly cooked. Admittedly, It wasn’t my most favourite dish of the day – but I do like my veg and did feel super healthy for having well over my daily quota of chlorophyll! IMG_8220

The green pepper meatballs were delicious! Usually they are served medium rare, but for my preggo friends, the chefs were happy to make sure they were fully cooked. The plump meatballs sat upon a bed of a rich tomato sugo and a coriander salsa (gf), $18. IMG_8222

My favourite of all the share plates was the barramundi. It was cooked to perfection and served with snow peas, warm orange and cider vinaigrette (gf), $34. IMG_8218

To finish we had something sweet – the girls loved their dessert, though the menu has changed since our visit – so unfortunately I can’t tell you exactly what it is. IMG_8223

I had a peanut butter cheesecake, scattered with chocolate crackles and a berry sauce! Take it from me it was a tasty as it looks. IMG_8237

All in all we enjoyed The Precinct. The food was good and well presented. The service was spot on and we liked the vibe. Share food is always a winner for me and I have no doubt that I’ll be back – just when I get through a few more places on my list!IMG_8250


West End Deli – Leederville


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I’ll whinge about being married to a chef sometimes. I’ll have my own little pity party about never getting to see him, as he works such awful, unsociable hours. A silver lining to this is that Chef and I do have a weekday off together. We go out for a coffee and lunch, just the two of us, whilst Little Chef is at school. Just for a few hours we can forget the worries of the world and whether our son is eating his vegetables and sitting nicely.

I’d love to say that Chef and I have frequented West End Deli for years. It’s the kind of place that makes me wish we lived in Perth’s inner suburbs. However, this is our very first visit to the popular dining spot.IMG_6903

West End Deli, on the corner of a quiet suburban Leederville street, has a rich food history. It has been home to a butchers, general store, café and Greek deli in the last 80 years. Chef-Owner Justin Peters, formerly Head Chef at Duende and Il lido, opened West End Deli in 2008 with his wife Christine.IMG_6907

We’re greeted with a smile and seated at a table by the window. Luckily for us, a few tables are saved for walk-ins. Today we are feeling spontaneous (or really rather unorganised) and hadn’t booked. I would definitely recommended booking, it’s a busy place. The surroundings are eclectic, with a rustic vibe. A light fitting made of chairs looks cool, as does a very distressed looking feature wall, with the paint almost peeling off.IMG_6912

The service is friendly and knowledgeable. I take the waitresses’ recommendation and order the ribs. I have the strawberry and watermelon “juice of the day” which is sweet and refreshing. It’s a bustling place and we nibble on some olives and a freshly baked baguette whilst waiting for our mains to arrive.IMG_6909

I rate the scrumptious spiced lamb ribs ($24) amongst the best I’ve ever had. Though there is something so very satisfying about diving into a plate of ribs with your bare hands and getting covered in sticky sauce – this rib meat is so tender, it falls off the bone with barely a touch of my fork. That’s a much more ladylike way to eat anyway! The lamb is positively mouth-watering. The meat is so full of flavour. Each and every mouthful a fragrant hit of cumin and star anise. I enjoy the paper thin zucchini, radish and mint salad, which is a medley of sweet and peppery flavours. A chimchurri sauce is on the side.IMG_6919

I overhear the man on the next table having some food envy and eyeing off my delish dish – he orders the ribs too.

As Chef eats his pork sandwich, he is quiet. Almost unnaturally so. I start to worry. Does he like his lunch? It takes until almost the last morsel of his open sandwich has been consumed for him to say “that was the absolute best pork sandwich I’ve ever had!” I’ve been holding my breath in anticipation. I exhale a big sigh of relief. I’ve enjoyed my lunch so much, I’d want it to be a unanimous decision that West End Deli gets the big thumbs up.

I gingerly ask for a bite. He doesn’t want to part with a single crumb. For “tasting purposes” Chef begrudgingly lets me share in the pork-fest. I have to agree with him, it is a superb sarnie. The pork is cured in sugar, then cooked sous vide for 14 hours, resulting in a moist and tender piece of meat. It is topped with a sweet pear, caraway and fennel relish which has a kick of ginger. That all sits upon a bed of greens, atop a toasted baguette ($23).IMG_6915

Bearing in mind that Chef is a little old school, not really a hipster type, West End Deli really resonates with him. He can see the excellent technique in the cooking of the dishes. It’s not your typical suburban café by any means, more of a neighbourhood bistro, but yet it is still well priced and relaxed. Chef thinks the coffee is top notch too and grabs another “for the road”. IMG_6911

West End Deli is open breakfast, lunch and dinner. Chef and I are both very keen to try their offerings for the other meals of the day, seeing that we relished their lunch menu so much. This was certainly the first visit of many.IMG_6923

At a glance

■ West End Deli

95 Carr Street


Phone 9328 3605

■ Opening times

Breakfast & Lunch

Tues to Sun, 7am to 3pm

Dinner Wed to Sat from 6pm

■ Rating out of 10

food 8.5

service 9

ambience 8

value for money 8

■ style – Bistro

■ wine – BYO

■ Chef – Justin Peters

■ Owners – Christine and Justin Peters

■ feel – cool café by day,

sophisticated bistro by night

■ wheelchair access – yes

■ cost – brunch $7 – $28

Dinner – $23 entrée

$33 main / $18 dessert

■ all in all – delishious

food – cooked well with

great technique and seasonal

produce. Fab coffee too.

Feast Café – Wembley {CLOSED}


Feast Cafe Wembley on Urbanspoon

I popped into Feast café for a spot of lunch on a workday. I’d heard many great things, so I was keen to check it out. There are two Feast cafes – the other being in Nedlands. I was at Feast Wembley, which is on Cambridge Street, almost opposite the Wembley Hotel.IMG_7134

The food at Feast is super fresh – with lots of seasonal produce used. The new summer menu has just been launched which is full of vibrant salads, tasty burgers and other treats from the kitchen – I didn’t quite get that far though. As soon as I walked through the door I was enticed to the chiller cabinet by all the fresh and colourful looking food in there. Everything looked so tempting, I got a terrible case of indecisiveness, but the friendly staff were happy to make a suggestion.IMG_7103

IMG_7107I chose a slice of the Mushroom Tart ($10) and added a side of Vietnamese Chicken Salad ($7.50). I also picked a “Yellow juice” ($7) which was a healthy concoction of carrot, orange and ginger – in a tall glass. It made me feel much better after being stuck in an office full of people with the flu all morning!

IMG_7112The food was plated up in a jiffy and I dove in. The tart was absolutely divine, full of massive morsels of mushroom and the pastry was spot on. The salad was excellent too, packed full of chicken, sesame, fresh mint and crisp bean sprouts, carrot and capsicum, with a Vietnamese dressing on the side. It is also gluten free.

At Feast they use Five Senses coffee, which has to be my favourite. 80% of the time when I have a great cuppa I find out it’s a Five Senses roast.

IMG_7102Little Chef would just love the clean and bright play area – its great for kids. There’s some play equipment for toddlers and a ball pit too. The large glass window means that mums and dads can keep an eye on their little ones, but also be able to have a conversation in peace! Wonderful!

The kids menu is also pretty substantial and includes thing like dino shaped French bread and egg, pancake stacks and gorgeous looking cupcakes. Feast café certainly caters well for families.IMG_7104

The brunch menu looked great too, so I’ve made a mental note to return to try that soon.



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Win a $50 Voucher for Feast Cafe, Wembley

Good luck and happy feasting!IMG_7127



Haynes Street Larder – Kalamunda

New Image
Haynes Street Larder on Urbanspoon

Over the last few years, many councils in Perth have deregulated and relaxed a lot of licences in the hospitality industry. From that “common sense attitude” we’ve seen wonderful small bars and other new businesses really thrive and make our communities much more vibrant.

I really like to support our local businesses, so it really pains me when the little guys are still being stomped on by some local governments with endless red tape, bureaucracy and regulations. An example of this happening is the Haynes Street Larder – a lovely coffee shop on the main street in Kalamunda. They’ve been open for about five months. Due to a misunderstanding, the wrong licence was given, so they are unable to make their own food on the premises. Everything at the Haynes St Larder is pre made by other businesses. They’re not even allowed to cold press their own juices… for now at least.IMG_6767

Kalamunda has a few cafes, but they are either favourites of retirees or chain coffee shops. Not that there’s anything wrong with either I hasten to add – they just might not be your cup of tea (pardon the pun!). A funky, allergy friendly café with fresh healthy food is something Kalamunda really needs. A few coffee shops on the main street have shut recently, so you’d think the Shire of Kalamunda would be encouraging new business in the area. The tone I get from people that live in the area is the Kalamunda Shire is pretty out of touch with what their rate payers want and has been for a very long time.IMG_6769

I popped into the Haynes Street Larder for a takeaway juice and some morning tea snacks to take to my parents’ house. I almost missed it, as there’s no sign out the front – look out for the stripy canopy! For now, the peeps at Haynes Street Larder are focusing on sourcing food from local artisan suppliers. The raw treats come from Molly’s Picnic, the bottled juices from the Swan Valley’s “World’s healthiest Juice Co”. The “Rainbow” juice I chose was one of my favourite combos – carrot, apple, beetroot and lemon.

I purchased a couple of Choc mint spirulina slices – which contain ingredients that help cleanse the mind and body to fight off stress and body fatigue. Spirulina is a nutrient rich salt water plant. The slice was pretty indulgent for health food – I felt like I was eating an aero bar! Delish. I also got a couple of ginger slices, but there’s no pic of them as they got squished in the bag! Whoops…IMG_6775

The locals tell me the coffee is great at Haynes Street Larder and I’d love to enjoy a nice brunch or lunch there in the future. The menu is “coming soon” – I’m really keen to see what they can do in their own kitchen, hopefully we all will find out very very soon!


Gordon St Garage – West Perth

IMG_1287Gordon St Garage on Urbanspoon
Tucked down a West Perth side street is an old auto garage, now repurposed as a bustling breakfast till late canteen. Unsure of where to park, I left the car at Harbour Town, as it was just over the road anyway. Little Chef and I we were being treated to lunch for our birthdays by the Singer.

IMG_1275We were cheerfully greeted and taken to our seats. I’m sure they were old bus seats. The décor, like many places at the moment, is up-cycled, funky and dare I say “hipster”.  We were sat right next to the open kitchen and pass. We could see the chefs plating up the food and that helped us to choose our dishes from the menu! A giant pile of food, the roast beef sandwich, looked mouth-watering.

We had some excellent freshly squeezed juices to start;

IMG_1261Fresh Grapefruit $7 and Carrot, celery, ginger $7

I spied the same water jugs and Italian salt as they have in Il Lido, so it came as no surprise to find out that GSG is owned by the same people that brought us Bread in Common and Il Lido.

Little chef got stuck into his Banana bread ($6), using the chocolate mascarpone as a spread. There wasn’t a children’s menu, but unless your offspring is horrendously fussy, you should be able to find something they will eat.

We shared Moorish lamb, cos & hummus on flatbread $19. This was a tasty dish and the tender lamb was indeed more-ish! Though the Singer had to request a steak knife to cut the bread, I’m surprised my teeth were still intact after!

IMG_1267The Hot roast beef sandwich, with horseradish coleslaw and a red onion jam $17 was as delicious as it looked. The open sandwich was an absolute mountain of food, thinly cut beef and veg – plenty to share.

IMG_1284All in all we really enjoyed the Gordon St Garage. It has a buzzing atmosphere and I’d love to return for something a little more brunch-y and to try out their coffee, as I’ve heard some great things about that.IMG_1307