Jack and Jill – Kalamunda

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As the nursery rhyme goes… Jack and Jill went up the hill and “up the hill” is where we travelled to this delicious café on the main street in Kalamunda.IMG_4348

We were up in the Perth Hills on a Sunday morning, having a wander around the weekly Kalamunda Farmers Market. Afterwards, we popped into Jack and Jill for a bite to eat. The popular café is brimming with people enjoying coffee and brunch, which we just ordered right on the noon cut off, phew!IMG_9127

The coffee is very good. We’ve visited Jack and Jill for coffee n cake a few times, usually with my parents. As well as a good cuppa, I also enjoy their iced teas.IMG_4342

Their fresh bakes are to die for. We’ve tried a few and our favourite has been the strawberry, almond and yogurt cakes. They’re gluten free too. 

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Collodel Ice Cream – Kalamunda

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It seems as though this Perth Food Blogger have been eating a lot of Ice cream lately! Our summer hasn’t been stinking hot, but entertaining Little Chef in the school holidays was made a little easier by my quest to find Perth’s best gelato for Buggybuddys. Here’s another spot, an old favourite of mine, that made this scrumptious list!

On a hot day in the Perth Hills, when the warm easterly breeze is blowing and the sea breeze hasn’t arrived yet, a trip to Collodel is a must. The tiny Ice creamery is found on the leafy Haynes Street in Kalamunda. Collodel has been a favourite in the hills for years. I remember going there for an after school treat when I was a kid. Their scrumptious homemade flavours are very popular with the locals.img_4323

All of the ice cream is made fresh onsite each day to a traditional recipe from the Dolomite region of Italy. Little Chef enjoyed his cone topped with a scoop of cookies and cream (child’s cone $3).img_4318

His Grandad picked his favourite flavour of rum n raisin ($3.50 1 scoop cone), which he said was delicious and creamy. There is also a range of freshly made frozen yogurt and sorbets too.img_4320

I’ve heard about their spaghetti sundae, which sounds like it would be very popular with kids. Ice cream is squeezed into a pasta shape, which is then topped with bright red raspberry and strawberry sauces (the bolognaise) and finished with a dusting of sugar (the parmesan). Definitely one to try next time!

The family owned spot has are a few tables and chairs, if you don’t want to eat your ice cream on the go. The Ice Creamery is within walking distance of the Kalamunda History Village, Kalamunda Farmers Market (Sunday mornings) and Stirk Park.

Chatford & Co – Kalamunda


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At the moment it seems the café scene in Kalamunda is rather like waiting for a bus. You wait ages – then two perfectly fine busses come along at once! I’ve enjoyed a couple of brunches at Mason and Bird around the corner and now at Chatford & Co too.

Chatford & Co’s Head Chef Gavin Charter was formerly the Head Pastry Chef at Rockpool no less. I’d also heard that he trained at the legendary Loose Box, under Alain Fabregues. So I had high expectations for our brunch and it didn’t disappoint.img_0139

My Mum and I entered the cosy café, tastefully decked out with pressed tin wall features and we were greeted by a friendly waitress. The brunch menu is available all day long (7.30am till 2pm) and there are additional lunch options also available between noon and 2pm. Starving, we quickly ordered and though their signature dish of bacon and egg doughnuts with maple syrup tempted me, I made a more conservative choice.img_0126

Much of their produce, like honey and olive oil, is sourced from artisan suppliers in the Perth Hills. Their meat and small goods are from fabulous local butcher, Sebastian’s, found on  Kalamunda’s main street. As a side note… we used to buy the best fillet steak from Sebastian’s when we lived in the hills. Chef used to ask for them cut extra thick!

First, we enjoyed a couple of big mugs of coffee. The roast used at Chatford & Co is Five Senses, which is a coffee I can never fault.img_0129

I chose the Chorizo omelette, $17.50 . The picture below shows a humble omelette, but I can tell you this was absolutely packed with flavour and it was perfectly made too. I savoured the flavours of the delicious omelette, filled with chunks of chorizo, roasted peppers, cherry tomatoes and red onion. On the side are two buttered slices of organic wood fired sourdough. The toast was a welcome extra and was perfect for mopping up those eggy juices – I could only manage one slice before I became too full though.img_0135

My Mum chose the baked eggs, $17.50, which I also loved the sound of. The two baked eggs sat on a bed of creamy leek, tasty eggplant and well seasoned sautéed greens with a side of organic wood fired sourdough toast. I had a little bite and it tasted just as good as it looked. Mum raved about it and reminisced about a similar dish my Nanna Ruby used to bake for her family of 9, over 60 years ago in England. The fresh bread is baked by The Wood fired Baker in Maylands.img_0130

As you can imagine, with a superstar Pastry Chef in the kitchen, the cabinet is brimming with cakes, pastries, tarts, cream-filled doughnuts and lots of other scrumptious delights. This month Chatford & Co began serving high tea – so I have yet another reason to revisit this excellent little café again soon. The food and service is on point and Chatford & Co comes highly recommended.img_0140

Mason & Bird – Kalamunda


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The sleepy Perth Hills village of Kalamunda has had an exciting arrival! Mason and Bird, found next to the Kalamunda Library, is café GOLD.

There are loads of good brunch cafes, though few that are truly great. What makes a great brunch for me is food that is cooked and presented in a “cheffy” kind of way. The brunch spots that genuinely get me giddy, like Harvest Espresso and Tuckshop , can do much better than a simple fry up on a Saturday morning – they have exciting food.

The team behind Mason and Bird have some excellent experience between them. Brad Johnston is the former Head Chef from Print Hall. Matt Nguyen and Jacklyn Noel are former Managers from Rockpool. The interior is modern and in keeping with the bush setting, filled with lots of beautiful timber furniture. The bustling café can get quite noisy, but on a warmer day more people may be tempted to sit in the outside areas.


PIC CREDIT – Rebecca Mansell for BROARDSHEET


I popped along to check out Mason and Bird with my parents. They’d already been there once and absolutely raved about it. There is an all day brunch menu, as well as lunch options. I hear that there are plans in the works to open for dinners in the future too.

The coffee is by local Perth roasters “Little Owl”. My parents both agreed it’s a good roast. I ordered an organic beetroot latte – yes really! I’d seen it on social media and was curious what it tasted like. I was pleasantly surprised. It had a smooth beetroot flavour, as well as a hint of ginger. I’m not sure I’d make it my regular cuppa, but it was nice for a healthy change.IMG_3803

I picked from the brunch menu. I’d been eyeing up the braised pulled beef and poached eggs, but decided on the paleo savoury waffles, $17. They sounded healthy and delicious! Fluffy Waffles are topped with mushrooms, wilted greens and two perfectly poached eggs. I just had to add a side of crisp speck bacon (from fab local butcher Sebastians) for an extra $8. Sprinkled with spiced nuts and seeds and a few dollops of romesco sauce. It’s a wonderfully satisfying dish.IMG_3820

Having had a pasta dish last time, my parents decided to share two of their delicious house made pasta dishes again. The gnocchi, $22, was sublime. The soft-as-marshmallow morsels were pan roasted with cauliflower and almonds and finished with a creamy white balsamic sauce. A very tasty dish indeed.IMG_3804

The braised lamb, $24, was rich with flavour and melted in the mouth. The strands of pappardelle were cooked perfectly al dente and folded with sautéed mushrooms and spinach, finished with a mound of shaved parmesan.IMG_3807

As if that wasn’t enough, my parents also ordered the “hand cut chippies”, $7. The bowl of chips was generous. I said “I’ll just have one”, but that turned into rather a lot more. Whoops! The house made ketchup (Chef’s secret recipe) was so much tastier than your average tomato sauce. There’s also gourmet toasties, salads and burgers on the menu.IMG_3811

I don’t need an excuse for visiting my parents up in the hills, but I think we need to have another trip to Mason and Bird very soon. It’s a wonderful eatery that has excellent, well priced food and comes HIGHLY recommended!IMG_3826

And why not make a day of it? Kalamunda Farmers Market is on every Sunday morning or check out the wineries in the nearby Bickley Valley (like Plume Estate, Hainault and Fairbrossen) after a hearty brunch at Mason and Bird!IMG_3825


Elevated Grounds – Kalamunda

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Kalamunda is turning into quite the coffee spot! First opened Haynes Street Larder, then it’s sister café Jack and Jill appeared – now there is another opening on the Haynes Street Strip – Elevated Grounds.IMG_0300

You can find the bright and cheery café housed in what was formally “La Paris Brest”. The staff are very friendly and welcoming. Dining is al fresco or in the café – we opt to sit inside, where it’s a little quieter.IMG_0290

I really enjoyed a proper chai tea. I loved how it was served on a board and I poured the tea infused milk into the mug myself, sprinkling the chai spices ontop. I was happy to taste the tea was piping hot too, which is rare.

IMG_0293The menu is basically an all day breakfast menu. For something a little more lunch-y there is quiche, salad, sandwiches and more in the chiller cabinet – as well as cakes! My mum chooses two pancakes ($11) topped with blueberries and dusted with icing sugar. On the menu you can choose if you have a stack of 2, 3, 4, or 5 pancakes and there are several different toppings to pick from – naughty and nice.

IMG_0299I predictably chose the “pulled pork benedict” and was a little gutted when I was told that the kitchen had run out. Instead, I opt for the smoked salmon version ($16.50). First to the eggs! Were they perfectly cooked? The first poke of my knife didn’t reveal any runny yolk and my heart sank a little more – the second egg though WAS runny and the poached egg oozed with golden yolk.  The eggs and salmon sat upon a bed of wilted spinach and super fresh thickly sliced bread. The dish fits the bill, though I still crave that porky-ness that marries so well with the creamy hollandaise sauce.

Kids are catered for and there are mini picnic tables in the kiddies toy corner. Little Chef picks a simple cheese toastie for his lunch, which he scoffs in no time. Elevated Grounds is also friendly for your furry friends.


While it’s a pleasant café and the staff are very helpful,  I think the kitchen is yet to hit their stride with the food. The café has been open just a few months. Elevated Grounds has priced the food well and it’s more of a home style of cooking than gourmet, but still tasty!IMG_0304

{Quick Bite} Jack and Jill – Kalamunda

IMG_9137Jack & Jill on Urbanspoon

As the nursery rhyme goes… Jack and Jill went up the hill and “up the hill” is where you’ll find this café – on the main street in Kalamunda.

We were up in the Perth Hills visiting family, as well as having a wander around the Kalamunda Farmers Market on this Sunday morning. After a wedding the night before at the stunning Core Cider House – Chef and I were both in need of coffee!IMG_9134

We were heading out to lunch, so we didn’t eat on this occasion, though the cafe’s booths and tables were brimming with people enjoying brunch.IMG_9136

A tray of cupcakes caught Little Chef’s Eye. The maple bacon cupcakes caught mine – shame I’d just had a fry-up at my parents house! Little Chef chose the Oreo topped cupcake – which he practically inhaled!IMG_9126

The coffee, local roast Crema coffee, was very good.IMG_9127

Kalamunda is fast becoming a mini mecca for coffee shop lovers – its great to see more independent places popping up now!IMG_9138


Haynes Street Larder – Kalamunda

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Over the last few years, many councils in Perth have deregulated and relaxed a lot of licences in the hospitality industry. From that “common sense attitude” we’ve seen wonderful small bars and other new businesses really thrive and make our communities much more vibrant.

I really like to support our local businesses, so it really pains me when the little guys are still being stomped on by some local governments with endless red tape, bureaucracy and regulations. An example of this happening is the Haynes Street Larder – a lovely coffee shop on the main street in Kalamunda. They’ve been open for about five months. Due to a misunderstanding, the wrong licence was given, so they are unable to make their own food on the premises. Everything at the Haynes St Larder is pre made by other businesses. They’re not even allowed to cold press their own juices… for now at least.IMG_6767

Kalamunda has a few cafes, but they are either favourites of retirees or chain coffee shops. Not that there’s anything wrong with either I hasten to add – they just might not be your cup of tea (pardon the pun!). A funky, allergy friendly café with fresh healthy food is something Kalamunda really needs. A few coffee shops on the main street have shut recently, so you’d think the Shire of Kalamunda would be encouraging new business in the area. The tone I get from people that live in the area is the Kalamunda Shire is pretty out of touch with what their rate payers want and has been for a very long time.IMG_6769

I popped into the Haynes Street Larder for a takeaway juice and some morning tea snacks to take to my parents’ house. I almost missed it, as there’s no sign out the front – look out for the stripy canopy! For now, the peeps at Haynes Street Larder are focusing on sourcing food from local artisan suppliers. The raw treats come from Molly’s Picnic, the bottled juices from the Swan Valley’s “World’s healthiest Juice Co”. The “Rainbow” juice I chose was one of my favourite combos – carrot, apple, beetroot and lemon.

I purchased a couple of Choc mint spirulina slices – which contain ingredients that help cleanse the mind and body to fight off stress and body fatigue. Spirulina is a nutrient rich salt water plant. The slice was pretty indulgent for health food – I felt like I was eating an aero bar! Delish. I also got a couple of ginger slices, but there’s no pic of them as they got squished in the bag! Whoops…IMG_6775

The locals tell me the coffee is great at Haynes Street Larder and I’d love to enjoy a nice brunch or lunch there in the future. The menu is “coming soon” – I’m really keen to see what they can do in their own kitchen, hopefully we all will find out very very soon!


Kalamunda Farmers Markets – Every Sunday Morning

Kalamunda Farmers Markets – Every Sunday Morning

Something I love to do on a Sunday is have a wander around the Kalamunda Farmers Market. They are on each and every Sunday in the heart of the gorgeous hills suburb. I go to stock up my fridge with super fresh veggies, as well as grab something tasty for breakfast. I always treat myself to a bunch of flowers. The lilies are my favourite and I find they usually last for about 10 days (I’ve had some last well over 2 weeks). I probably head to the markets every 3 or 4 weeks (it’s a 100km round trip for us!). po

Ellahs eggs are egg-selent (sorry I couldn’t resist!). The eggs are huge, I get the “Mega Eggs” which are bigger than XL, but they often sell out. I enjoy these on toast for brekkie and then egg sandwiches for days, as they are so delicious and fresh. IMG_9581IMG_9580

Little Chef loves the Macaroons, from “The Little Oven Patisserie” stall – his favourite flavour is the chocolate raspberry macaroon.IMG_1237

We cannot pass the Elmars stall and their giant frypan of snags. Chef loves their German sausages with some fried onions and sauerkraut. Chef was also incredibly excited to see that they also had his favourite German tomato curry sauce for sale. He picked up some in Germany last year when he was at the Culinary Olympics and we were close to running out. At $9 for a large bottle, it was a lot cheaper than getting it online, which he had been looking into.IMG_9583IMG_9582

We got lots of fresh veggies from the various market stalls. I noticed the prices were much better than at the supermarket!! We picked up some lovely big parsnips for $8kg ($2kg less than coles). The cauliflower we had was lovely and I also got a bag of snow peas – freshly picked from a Walliston vegetable garden the night before. They were delicious in my salad that night!IMG_9646IMG_1246

The Farmers Wife Juice stall is somewhere I always stop off at the Markets. The exotic sounding “Kalamunda Sunrise” is my favourite concoction. The Farmers wife is a hills local, from down the road in Karragullen (near Pickering Brook) and the produce is super fresh – I always feel revitalised after a bit of that veg juice!!IMG_9586IMG_9584

As well as all of the above, there is also baked goods, plant stalls, honey, cheese stalls, fresh seafood, lots of food to eat and try. There’s live music, which creates a great atmosphere and a European vibe and a free bouncy castle for the kids. IMG_9589

There is a big sense of community at the Kalamunda markets. It’s also the perfect way to start a day in the hills; there are lots of lovely gift shops in Kalamunda. First Avenue in Barbery Square has some great kitchenware. Stirk Park is great for the kids. Afterwards you could go for a drive round the Bickley Valley Wineries and stop somewhere for lunch – I love the Core Cidery which is close by too. Then we drive back down the giant hill, back to suburbia – with me wishing I still lived in the beautiful Perth Hills!IMG_9618