Little H – Duncraig

IMG_9533Little H may as well be called “Little G”, because it is 100% a little gem, hidden in suburbia. Off the beaten track in Duncraig, you’d never know it was there unless you were a local. Thank goodness for social media!IMG_9529

The café is small and very on trend, with concrete walls, broken up with lush indoor plants. Outside is a small patio, draped in lightbulbs, which is lovely place to sit on a sunny day. We found a hexagonal table inside. The odd shape looks cool, but a little impractical, since you can’t fit as much food and drink on it. The coffee is good, and I was buzzing after such a big mug.IMG_9513

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Flics Kitchen, Mandurah


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One thing I love about discovering a town I know little about, like Mandurah, is that I don’t have any preconceived ideas about where I should and shouldn’t dine. I’ve not been brainwashed by a multitude of foodie posts in my social media feeds. Flics Kitchen is just the type of place I would pick for dinner, if I hadn’t already been invited there by the local experts at Mandurah & Peel Tourism Organisation. We arrived early for dinner and we could see that the eatery is a funky morning café by day, which transforms to a buzzing restaurant in the evening.IMG_7432

Flics Kitchen is found on the bustling Mandurah foreshore. The Head Chef and owner, Felicity Evans, has created a tastebud tempting modern share menu. Her wait staff are warm and helpful. The drinks offering is well curated with wines, local craft beers and more. I just had to have a Mojito in Mandurah. It may be almost winter, but I was still keen to lap up the holiday vibe.IMG_7434

The dinner menu, as they say, is “kinda like tapas”. There’s boards and share plates packed with the best of WA produce from Exmouth prawns, Baldivis rabbit, Shark Bay Whiting and a Mandurah favourite – Blue Manna Crab.

We start with Flics Charcuterie board ($31), which is absolutely brimming with goodies! There’s a long list of delicious cured meats including San Jose venison and wild boar salami, La Boqueria Cabacero air dried pork neck, 18 month aged jamon, salami, salumi and more. We agree the pulled pork coquettes and the smoked pork, pistachio and mustard fruit terrine are absolutely delicious. On the side is a house made piccalilli, cornichons and sourdough.IMG_7444

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Tsunami Ko – Mosman Park


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You’ll find the inconspicuous Tsunami Ko, a small teppanyaki restaurant, on leafy Glyde Street in Mosman Park. If it wasn’t for the neon sign, you’d probably walk straight past its small frontage. As we arrive at the door, I press the intercom button. I wonder if we need a secret password – it feels very exclusive. The golden frosted glass door slides across and we are greeted and seated around the long teppanyaki bar by our friendly waitress.img_4400

“Ko” means “Son of” in Japanese and so it makes sense that Tsunami Ko is found next to popular Japanese restaurant Tsunami. It’s an intimate eatery, only seating 16 people. Sake bottles cover one wall and there are beautiful lit Japanese murals behind the grills. We choose the “steak and seafood dinner”, $59.90 each from the teppanyaki menu. Omakase (chef’s choice) is also available and must be booked in advance.img_4461

I try different varieties of sake, a traditional Japanese rice wine. I find it sweet and slightly acidic. Chef enjoys a Japanese Yamaguchi beer. If sake is not your thing, Tsunami Ko also offers an extensive wine list, as well as the largest Japanese whiskey collection in Perth.img_4404

We begin our set dinner with a simple salad of tomato and lettuce. I soon realise I’m out of practice with chopsticks. I eat a large lettuce leaf, without much coordination, but that’s half of the fun.img_4406

Teppanyaki makes for an entertaining meal. As well as fresh food being cooked right before our eyes on the teppan grill, there’s the food theatre. The chefs are very handy with a pair of spatulas. They juggle them in the air, as well as creating some impressive flames on the grill.img_4451

In addition to the set dinner, we choose a couple of dishes to share from the extra’s menu. A plate of precision cut sashimi, $19, with a selection of salmon, local tuna and Hiramasa king fish is beautifully presented. The raw seafood is firm and fabulously fresh.sashimi

We watch our pork belly skewers $7, being charred over hot coals, on the imported Japanese Sumiyaki (charcoal grill). White charcoal gives the belly a crisp and smoky finish. The meaty morsels, served with just the right amount of fat, are incredibly tender and finished with a mildly spicy miso sauce.pork-belly

There’s a choice of appetiser. I pick the crisp tempura mix of kale, sweet potato and prawn.img_4415

Chef relishes the thinly sliced smoked Wagyu tataki, which is briefly seared with a blowtorch.img_4412

I sip a steaming miso soup as we watch the Chef cook our main meal, flipping Shark Bay prawns, scallop imported from Japan, swordfish and beef tender loin expertly with his spatulas. They are seasoned with salt and pepper, then the multi-talented Chef spins the salt and pepper mills around in his hand and throwing them backwards over his shoulder. The meat and seafood dinner, with sautéed cabbage and carrot, is also accompanied by three tasty dipping sauces. The tender loin steak, served diced for easy eating with chopsticks, has a delicious depth of flavour.meat-n-seafood

One of my favourite dishes of the night is also one of the most simple. We upgrade our fried rice for $8, to a pimped-up Wagyu beef version. The fluffy rice soaks up the flavoursome wagyu juices, making this egg fried rice extremely moreish.

Feeling full, we share a simple dessert of yuzu honey ice cream, $10. The yuzu is an Asian citrus with tart flavours similar to an orange or mandarin. The honey softens the tartness, making the house made scoops of ice cream absolutely scrumptious. Chef and I almost come to blows over who gets to eat the last scoop.img_4460

The Tsunami Ko experience is quintessentially Japanese. Even the loos have more buttons than a Foxtel remote! I thought I had momentarily been transported to Tokyo on my trip to the ladies.img_4455

Chef and I dined at Tsunami Ko a few years ago, during the mining boom, when it was known as Fuku. Back then, was an expensive and high end dinner offering. Now, Tsunami Ko is more approachable and affordable, with quality still at its core. The food at Tsunami Ko is perfectly cooked, service is very attentive and there’s never a dull moment with juggling Chefs around!

At a glance

■ Tsunami Ko

20 Glyde Street

Mosman Park

Phone 042 278 0661

■ Opening times

Tues – Sun

6pm till late

■ Rating

food 4

service 4

ambience 4

value for money 4

■ style – Japanese Teppanyaki

■ wine – An large wine menu,

with a well stocked reserve

list. Sake, rice wine, is their specialty.

■ Chef – Tetsuya Sakamoto

■ Owners – Brett Carboni and Tetsuya Sakamoto

■ feel – intimate and exclusive

■ wheelchair access – No

■ cost

Set Dinners $42 – $64.90

Sides – $7 – $34

Dessert $5 – $14

■ all in all –  Tsunami Ko has

it all. Well cooked food,

knowledgeable service and it’s

packed full with food theatre!

Bad Apples Bar – Ardross


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I’d been kindly invited to Bad Apples Bar in Ardross, near Applecross. I don’t venture south of the river too much, so I was excited to visit a bar that I’d heard great things about on the Perth foodie grapevine.  I met one of my oldest friends there – Miss G “The Dancer” who has appearing in two Beyoncé videos to her credit. I wish I had a claim to fame like that!!

IMG_3617Bad Apples is a chic bar worthy of Bey herself. There’s a classy lounge area, high tables near the bar (with AFL for the footy fans) and the outside alfresco area too. Miss G and I met there to have a casual weekend lunch catch-up over a drink or two.IMG_3618

Bad Apples has a well thought out drinks list. I can’t go past a pretty drink and the cocktail list at Bad Apples is full of them! The vanilla and passionfruit martini is scrumptious. I also love a good pun and like the sound of the “Tequila Mockingbird” (hehe). There’s also a good selection of craft beer, spirits and then there’s the wines…IMG_3581

The wine list is brimming with Australian labels with a few European drops thrown in for good measure. At Bad Apples, they were the one of the first in Perth to offer a unique Enomatic Wine System. It’s a sort of wine vending  machine that allows people to enjoy the premium wines that would usually only be available by the bottle, “by the glass”. The machine keeps the open bottles fresh and at the correct temperature. IMG_3584

With the help of our friendly waiter, we choose a few dishes from the share menu to try. The menu is a mix of international cuisines and bar snack favourites like the hand cut potato chips, $10. The piping hot chips are ever so crisp and well seasoned. We relish the seeded mustard aoli which is really great for dunking!IMG_3596 

The broccolini, $10, is a big hit with these two green loving girls. It was perfectly cooked and tossed in a little chilli oil to give it a nice kick and finished with a little grated manchego cheese.IMG_3598

The pork belly dish is comes highly recommended. Three pieces of crisp pork belly, $18, are deliciously fudgy and have that crunchy crackle that I’m always craving. The flavoursome meat is drizzled with a sweet caramel miso sauce and topped with a pickled ginger salsa. The flavours work together very nicely in this Japanese inspired dish.IMG_3587

The two wagu beef sliders, $16, are tasty morsels. Bursting with fresh salad, a BBQ chipotle sauce and mozzarella – they go down a treat.IMG_3591

The shredded duck tacos are also a great share dish, $16 for three. The duck meat has that deliciously rich game-y flavour. The soft tacos are stuffed with fresh greens, a sweet pineapple salsa and chipotle sauce.IMG_3604

Also on the menu are gourmet pizzas and more substantial main dishes if you’re feeling extra hungry. For us, it was time for dessert! The spiced rum chocolate tart, $13, was to die for! A generous slice of chocolate tart is topped with a creamy citrus mascarpone and a nut praline. We cut through the scrumptious tart with spoons, the pastry is spot on and the chocolate not too sweet, but enough to give you that coco fix. A decadent way to end a yummy lunch.IMG_3612

Bad Apples is one of those neighbourhood bars that everyone wishes they lived within walking distance to. It’s a big hit with the Applecross locals. The cosy bar has a great atmosphere and hosts weekly quiz nights, as well as live music.IMG_3622

Thanks to the Bad Apples team for having us for a delicious lunch. We genuinely enjoyed their mix of international cuisines and will absolutely be back.IMG_3621



Perth Night Noodle Markets 2016

IMG_2766Have you been to the Night Noodle Markets yet? It’s part of Good Food Month. Last night we checked out this years line up of 20+ stallholders with hawker style eats under the city lights at Elizabeth Quay.IMG_2789

I’d heard how popular the markets are, so as soon as I got there I made a bee-line for Bao Stop which was top of my food wish list. They are a mobile container restaurant based in Sydney. For the uninitiated, bao is essentially a small, soft Chinese bread bun. First in the line, I ordered the bao trifecta ($20). Wow -those bao were jam packed with flavoursome fillings and if you think $20 is a bit steep, I think this dish is worth the splurge. (Left to Right) There’s Peking Duck, Pork Belly and Fried Chicken. I loved them all – the fried chicken had to be my favourite.IMG_2763

The Peking duck fries ($15) were also a must try for me. I would have like the fries to be hotter, but topped with a sweet plum sauce and shredded, crisp duck they were pretty darn fine.IMG_2761

Hoy Pinoy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Hoy Pinoy was a favourite of ours from last years Night Noodle Markets. Their smokin skewers are divine, $13 for two. Choose from chicken BBQ’d in a traditional marinade or BBQ pork belly with a banana ketchup glaze. Chef ignored my “no eating before pics” rule, his pork belly skewers were so good!IMG_2786

I visited the lovely Mei at Turban Chopsticks and she has some tasty options for those with dietary requirements. Most of her dishes are vego, vegan and gluten free. The satay “gado gado” noodle bowl is so fresh and vibrant – proving healthy food can be super tasty too! Its brimming with rainbow salad, kale, tofu, coconut milk, tapioca chips, rice noodles and finished with a nicely spiced satay sauce. Yummy! (gifted).IMG_2780

Mei also gave us some sweetcorn fritters to try. The crisp fritters were accompanied by a tomato eggplant chutney and they went down an absolute treat! IMG_2781

Time for something sweet… Black Star Pastry hails from Sydney and I have had my eye on their stunning  Strawberry Watermelon Cake for some time (via Instagram!). It’s a scrumptious layered cake made up of almond dacquoise, rose-scented cream, strawberries, watermelon and finished beautifully with dried rose petals and pistachios. It costs $9 and is worth every cent.IMG_2770

Black Star Pastry has teamed up with N2 Extreme Gelato, who have stores in Mebourne and Sydney . Little Chef scoffed their Ferrero Gelato, $9. It has a crisp rice bubble choc top and a chocolate ganache filled syringe. I had a bite and the Ferrero Rocher gelato was spot on.IMG_2769

Not to be outdone, Chef’s dessert was a fancy Nutella covered waffle from Waffle on a Stick. It was served warm and super fresh.IMG_2802

It’s simply impossible to try everything – though we gave it a good go! Other local and interstate vendors include: Dainty Dowager, Low Key Chow House, Apple Daily, Lucky Chans, Bangkok Jump Street, Cili Padi, Roti Road and more. There’s also a few bars scattered around and live entertainment too making for a fantastic atmosphere.

IMG_2795All in all the Night Noodle Markets are a great event. My tip is to get there when it opens  to grab a table and minimise queueing. I saw a few people who brought picnic rugs, which is a good idea too. There were a few reservations about accessibility, but with the EQ train and bus stations, the ferry and plenty of parking, the foodie event is pretty easy to get to. Get your noodle on before the Night Noodle Markets end this Sunday (10th of April). See you next year!IMG_2805

For more info visit the Good Food Month website.

Wok St Chow House – Northbridge {CLOSED}

Wok St Chow House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I love discovering a new restaurant. I’m a Yelp Elite for 2016 – which means from time to time I’m invited along to dinners to check out cool new spots in Perth. Anyone can become a Yelper – simply review your great foodie and retail finds on the Yelp app and if you do it a lot, you’ll be chosen to take part in some delicious dinners with fellow Perth foodies. For the uninitiated, Yelp is a review site, similar to Trip Advisor and Zomato.IMG_2294

I was checking out Wok St Chow House in Northbridge. It has been open just a few months and has already gained an excellent reputation for it’s authentic Thai street food flavours. What I soon realised as I approached the Lake Street eatery was that not so long ago it was home to Darlings Supper Club.IMG_2297_Fotor

The interior is dim and moody – lit with a green florescent panda light. It seems as though years ago this building would have been an old cottage. It’s charming and cosy with many little nooks to sit in.IMG_2373

We were sitting out the back in the leafy covered courtyard, overlooked by the adorable murual of Yum Yum the panda. There were about 30 of us in the Yelp group. I was excited to sit opposite fellow Perth Food Blogger and fountain of food knowledge Nini of Nini Foodielicious. We were all lucky enough to sample a lot of Wok St’s dishes. Though mostly Thai – the Wok St Chefs also draw inspiration from Filipino and other Asian Street Food. Here’s what I tried…

IMG_2303_FotorThe crisp prawn crackers with a house made chilli jam didn’t long! Everyone was hungry and ready to eat!


I’m not usually a fan of wings, but these fried marinated chicken wings were super meaty and the Sriracha sauce was finger licking good.


The Kililaw fish was similar to a ceviche an coated in a mild lime and coconut sauce.IMG_2344_Fotor

The house made Thai fish cakes with sweet chili sauce were very tasty little morsels!


The marinated beef strip with a Loas Naam Jim had a spicy chilli kick. But nothing compared to the “miang larb ped”.


Flaming hell!! That’s where my poor mouth was at with just one bite of the “miang larb ped”. Hot & sour chopped duck and roast rice with herbs is served on a betel leaf. I love duck, but I didn’t even taste this one – there was too much burning going on! As a sidenote, the “crying tiger” beef flank is even spicier, certainly not for the faint hearted!



Unfortunately we weren’t forewarned about the extra spicy dish and hadn’t seen a menu. All the dishes have some level of spice, but I’m never one to choose hotter than a medium heat. A kind waitress got poor Nini some watermelon to cool her down! There is a “cooling plate” at Wok St, which tells me that there are lots of hot gobs here!

And that was just the “starters”! Already feeling a little full, out came the main dishes…


The vibrant Thai green chicken curry was full of fresh herbs.


Wok St’s traditional pad Thai was easily the best I’ve had outside of Asia. The fried noodles were brimming with egg, chicken & prawns.


My favourite dish of the night was “Kanna muu grop”. The sticky and crisp pork belly was absolutely do die for and brimming with Asian greens. The Kai-lan oyster sauce brought the dish together – I could have eaten the whole bowl.

So that was our feast! All that food was shared between four of us and I was absolutely stuffed afterwards. If you love Asian street food then head to Wok St. I’m impressed – just no crazy spiciness for me next time.


Wok St is taking part in Eat Drink Perth this year and is holding a dego at Wok St Chow House… the epic 8 course “Degust-Asian” is a delicious and spicy feast of authentic street food, with the option to match your meal with a cheeky cocktail or two. Not to be missed!

When: Wed 6 April & Thu 7 of April

Time: 5pm – 9pm




Tuck Shop – Northbridge


Tuck Shop Cafe on Urbanspoon

With a Urbanspoon rating of 91% Tuck Shop was top of my brunch list. Chef and I had very high, perhaps even impossibly high expectations of the Northbridge café because of this – I hoped that we’d be part of the majority that had very positive dining experiences there. It was busy, but we were able to squeeze in for a late brunch. At Tuckshop they run an all day brunch/lunch menu. IMG_9245

The drinks were spot on and just what both of us were after. Chef enjoying a hot caffeine hit with his double shot flat white and me with my healthy juice, my feel good drink in anticipation of some possible unhealthy food choices! IMG_9237


The service at Tuck shop is on the ball and friendly. I was a bit torn with my choice, so the helpful waitress suggested the black pudding dish, as it is very popular. I decided to go with that choice and hoped for the best!


Chef absolutely loved the chorizo with paprika potatoes, peppers, Spanish onion and pork belly. The tasty belly had been deep fried and was ever so crisp. That was all topped with a sunny side up fried egg, $19.50. It was a dish busting with flavour and a mild spice, that worked well for breakfast or lunch.


People are going to think I like black pudding! Admittedly I’m not a huge fan, but I have tried it a few times lately and it is growing on me. My dish was made up of toasted sourdough with grilled black pudding, tomato, parsley, ricotta & a poached egg, $18.50. I enjoyed it, all the components were tasty and the egg was as runny as I’d hoped. The only thing that wasn’t spot on was the sourdough – a little too crispy for my liking and it was tough to cut with my knife.

All in all Tuck Shop certainly delivered. As well as great brunches n lunches they’re also renowned for their homemade pies. We were both too full to try one, though they looked fab – it certainly gives us another reason to return.IMG_9260


Bravo’s – Vic Park

IMG_8975 Bravo's on Urbanspoon When I was fresh out of high school, my buddies and I would go out to dinner on the Vic Park café strip – usually at Bella Rosa, Christina’s, Sebastian’s or any other cheap n cheerful Italian restaurant we could find. In the 15 years since, I’ve graduated from that kind of Italian and without wanting to sound like a total food snob *cringe*  I do want more from my restaurants these days. For me, Bravo’s ticks all the boxes. An inviting, modern dining room. Friendly service – our waiter was a hoot and very helpful. And food that’s about QUALITY over quantity.

On this night, my old high school mates were getting together for a girls dinner – most of us enjoying a quiet night out away from our kids (and partners!). Bravo’s is a busy restaurant and hugely popular, so it has a very lively and loud atmosphere. Hearing someone at the other end of the table was difficult.

We decided to bypass filling entrées and go straight to mains…

IMG_8977Myl enjoyed a Pescatora Plate ($42.50). The whopping plate was brimming with tender salt and pepper calamari, grilled barramundi, sizzling garlic prawns, bread and a side salad. It was expensive, but Myl justified the extra cost, as she’s no longer drinking wine, since she has a baby on the way 🙂 🙂

IMG_8980I absolutely adored my pork belly dish ($38.50) The confit pork belly was so tender I hardly even needed a knife. The spinach was fresh and the mash potato wonderfully creamy. It was finished with a maple butter, apple and my favourite – perfectly crispy crackling! Fab dish.

IMG_8984Ren had the Fettuchine marinara ($29.50). She enjoyed the dish –  commenting there was a BIG kick of chilli and the napoletana sauce was really tasty. There could have been a bit more of the locally sourced seafood in the dish though.

IMG_8985Alysia had the BBQ pollo pizza ($25.50). It was topped with chicken, bacon, mushroom, red onion, mozzarella and  bbq sauce and smelled very tasty!

Sure some of the dishes might be on the pricy side, but when it’s good food, I don’t begrudge paying a little extra. I think there’s enough range on the menu to cover all budgets. The general consensus was that we all enjoyed our first trip to Bravo’s and that another girls dinner is on the cards soon.

*Bravo’s is also in the 2014/15 entertainment book*

Shiro Japanese Restaurant – Perth CBD {CLOSED}


Shiro Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

After a presentation in the city, J and I decide on hanging around a bit longer and enjoying our child-free night out. Faced with the choice of the entire city’s restaurants, we let J’s Entertainment Book app narrow down where we were to go for dinner. There was a lot of choice in the immediate area – we were at Brookfield Place  – we decided to take a wander to the other side of “The Terrace” and try Shiro. The modern Japanese restaurant was somewhere neither of us had tried, but heard great things about.IMG_8794

Being a weeknight, we didn’t think a couple of walk-ins would be too much trouble. The waiter looked a little perplexed when we said we didn’t have a booking, but since the restaurant was pretty quiet, it didn’t seem to be too much of a problem. We were seated at a booth overlooking the leafy Central Park.IMG_8798

We both love Edamame, so sharing a bowl of the boiled soy beans was a no brainer. They came out steaming – I can never eat too many of those!IMG_8803

I can’t visit a Japanese restaurant without enjoying a bowl of miso soup!IMG_8810

For main, though the pork belly dish was so so tempting, I decided to choose  an old favourite instead – Chicken Teriyaki ($26). Years ago, I worked in West Perth and my work buddies and I would make the walk up Hay Street to Jaws for Teriyaki Chicken almost daily. The Chicken Teriyaki at Shiro was leagues above the take away I used to scoff at Jaws. The chicken breast and thigh were tender and covered in lashings of sauce, the bok choy, thinly sliced asparagus and cherry tomato gave me my vegetable fix. I also shared a side of steamed rice with J.IMG_8806

Caramel Miso Pork Belly ($32). I still managed to nab a bit of pork belly as J was kind enough to let me try hers. The pork belly braised in stock was very moist and full of flavour. A ginger salsa, herbs and pickled ginger were on the side.IMG_8804

All in all we really enjoyed Shiro. The food was very tasty, well presented and good value. The restaurant was classy and the service was mostly good. J even got a sneaky pic of this lil food blogger! We’d certainly return – maybe for some sashimi next time – now that we’ve been practicing our chopstick skills!11034168_10155185797840391_8700594956739803973_n

Mary Street Bakery – Highgate


Mary Street Bakery on Urbanspoon

I’ve said it before – my brunch “to eat” list is as long as my arm and gets longer by the day. Somewhere that’s been on my wish list for far too long is Mary Street Bakery, opposite The Queens, on bustling Beaufort Street. Recently, Chef and I had dropped Little Chef at school, on his first day of Year One. Feeling impulsive we decided to treat ourselves to a child free brunch, now that the summer holidays were over (hooray!!). Our brunch was childfree, but not quiet. The Mary Street Bakery is a busy spot and quite noisy when full.IMG_8458

We grabbed some drinks while we looked over the menu. Chef enjoyed his coffee. At Mary Street bakery they have Pound Coffee – which we both rate at one of the very best roasts in Perth. I had an organic, cold pressed “red juice” from The Juicist.IMG_8457

I just had to order “The Talbot” $24. Thought I’m not usually a fan of black pudding, I was prepared to brave it, in the name of pork belly! I’m pretty much obsessed with pork belly and when I spotted it on the brunch menu my eyes almost popped out of my head. The scotch egg is a favourite picnic food from my pommie childhood – an egg is encased in sausage meat and them crumbed and fried. I’d never had a runny scotch egg before and it was egg-selent (oh dear!). It was seriously good. The green tomato relish was grand and I even surprised myself and enjoyed the black pudding, something my Dad loves, but could never tempt me to try – the thought of a “blood pudding” didn’t excited me, but I really enjoyed MSB’s version.IMG_8463

Chef, ever the predictable diner, chose the steak sambo $19. It was a gourmet version of the pub food classic and wedged in-between fresh thick cut slices of bread was perfectly cooked rump, fried onion, aioli and lettuce. Chef decided to pimp it up a bit (though it didn’t really need it) and also ordered a side of bacon for $5. Chef was impressed, and soon wolfed it down.IMG_8461

And true to it’s name – up at Mary Street Bakery’s counter there are organic artisan breads and baked goods a plenty – pies, sausage rolls, cakes and pastries. Though I didn’t treat myself this time, I’ll have to go back for a sweet treat soon! We were both impressed with the well cooked food, top quality drinks choices and friendly service.IMG_8470