Matisse Beach Club {CLOSED}


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I had been curious about Matisse Beach Club, which opened earlier this year on the Scarborough beachfront. It sounded decadent and chic – like a beach club in Miami or San Tropez.IMG_6831

Matisse has caused quite a stir already – I had heard a couple of things on the grapevine like the food wasn’t too flash and that the average age was pretty young, so I hadn’t rushed out to pay a visit. To be fair though, winter is not the time of year that one would think to visit a beach club!IMG_6835

I got invited to a dinner by Matisse’s management and looked forward to the opportunity to check it out for myself and forge my own opinion.

The last time Chef and I had been at this venue it was “The Lookout” nightclub and we were on one of our first dates. Fast forward about 12 years and there was not a sticky floor in sight – thank goodness! Mattisse is fresh, light and airy. The colour scheme has big splashes of colour which pop against the white. It looks fantastic.IMG_6840

Some people have been whinging about the plastic glasses at the beach club. I don’t see what the issue is – they’re not exactly disposable, frat party cups. To be honest they don’t even look bad. Check out my pretty cocktail below. Who’d even think it was in a plastic cup?! There IS a reason behind the plastic glasses and with two pools and many pairs of bare feet, glass is not a good option.IMG_6860

Scarborough has been dogged by a bad reputation over the years. Matisse uses a state of the art security system to keep the troublemakers out. IDs are scanned on arrival, which is linked to police databases. The average age for men and women is about 29/30 years, so my assumption it was full of 18yr olds was unfounded too – and that’s nothing against 18yr olds – but it makes me feel like a Nanna!IMG_6847

We started the night with lush Mai Tai cocktails ($18) and canapés by the pool. The pool is only 30cms deep – perfect for sitting in with a cocktail in hand. The colourful, neon cabanas can be hired. I loved the spicy chicken drumettes, with blue cheese dip – delicious!IMG_6855

We then went through to the dining room, where colourful dining booths mirrored the cabanas.030914_Matisse_176

A large seafood platter ($70) was brought out for a shared entrée. It was brimming with barramundi, salmon, crab cakes, scallops, oysters, prawns, muscles plus salad, slaw and super chunky chips. We were also treated to pizzas and salads, which both feature on Matisse’s menu of light, share food.IMG_6870

We enjoyed sampling several dishes from the menu. I enjoyed the duck with a walnut and goats cheese salad ($32). I thought the food was very lunch-y and relished the club sandwich ($24), something I’d not eaten in a long time. IMG_6875IMG_6874IMG_6867

At $22 – $26 the pizzas were priced reasonably – the prawn pizza was scrumptious. BTW… it’s half price pizza on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Mattise, owned by the Reid family who are also behind the Breakwater at Hillary’s, will have a busy summer season on their hands. It’s a stunning venue for some drinks and nibbles with friends. Matisse is more laid back than it appears – mirrored by the casual food on the menu. You can even go in barefoot off the beach – shoes are optional before 8pm. Matisse hasn’t been open during hot weather yet, so hasn’t quite had it’s day in the sun. The beach club is something totally unique in WA and will be a big hit in summer.

Thank you to Sean, Michela and the Matisse team for a wonderful night.IMG_6832




Poolside Bar & Grill – Crown Metropol Perth


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I just adore Crown Perth. When I cast my mind back a few years, before all of the major refurbishments, it blows me away at just what an awesome multi-venue we now have. I’ve been to just about all the restaurants, but one thing I always wanted to try out was the beautiful Vegas-style pool area. We usually walk past it when we visit Crown and I’d be awfully jealous of the people in there, lounging around with a cocktail in hand. I had assumed it was only for hotel guests and selected members, which is partially true. The only other way to gain entry to this exclusive pool is to get a pass.

20140306_134935I spotted a promotion recently, to get a day pass for the pool area, if you dined at certain Crown restaurants. This was only on for a limited time, so I absolutely jumped at the chance! The singer and I lunched at Modo Mio, then a couple of weeks later we booked in to have an afternoon by the pool. I was so excited!!

I had to book our swim in advance, so I was hoping for a hot day. The afternoon we visited turned out to be a 35 degree scorcher – perfect pool weather! The Singer was running late, so I went to “bags” a nice spot in the shade. It wasn’t that busy, so there were plenty of sun loungers around. The enticing day beds can be reserved for $60 per day. The Enclave, a private pool area with 6 state of the art cabanas (inc TVs!) can be reserved from $165 per day per cabana.

20140306_155608I visited the Poolside Bar & Grill, which was very laid back and had lots of pool and foosball tables. I ordered some drinks and food from the summery menu to be brought to our sun loungers.

20140306_132644I had a yummy freshly squeezed juice “Water Cleanser” Watermelon, lemon, ginger & mint $10

20140306_131428We also had a few pool-side nibbles. Very fresh and tasty Vietnamese spring rolls, served with a hoi sin and coriander dipping sauce ($14)

20140306_133649We also shared some Mexican Beef Quesadillas ($23) They were stuffed with pulled beef brisket, cheese, black bean, jalapeño peppers, onion, tomato, capsicum, chipotle lime sour cream, roasted corn salsa $23 The food was nice, cooked to a good “pub food” standard.

20140306_135246It was so relaxing. Lazing by the pool made me feel like I was on holiday and I’d only been at work a couple of hours before. Intermittently we’d hop into the pool and swim across to the bar, then wade back to our loungers with a plastic glass of iced water in hand. Who needs to walk around the pool when you can swim through it!? I laid down on the lounger in the pool and closed my eyes – I nearly fell asleep! The only other time I feel that relaxed is if I have a massage at a day spa. This was just as good.

UntitledI was wowed by the amazing pool area, which is only missing is a swim up bar. With the future addition of the Crown Towers pool area – who knows what that may bring? It has two water slides (which we sadly found out is just for kids – bummer), a Jacuzzi and a shallow kiddie area too. The area caters well for kids, but there wasn’t  very many children around, so it was pretty peaceful and chilled. Summer has finished and the last of the warm, pool weather will be over soon, but you can be sure that IF and when Crown Perth run that lunch & pool promo again – I will be there every week!!

*If you visit on a pass and are not staying at the hotel – please note there are no locker facilities, but pool towels are provided.20140306_155454